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The Growing Threats of Cyber Crime

THE GROWING THREATS OF CYBER CRIME DATA BREACHES BY THE NUMBERS Targeted Industries How Was it Done? financial institutions of network intrusions exploited weak or stolen credentials 37% 76% 00 retailers and restaurants used some form of hacking 24% ... .. 52% manufacturers, utilities and transportation organizations involved some type of malware 20% 40% professional services firms 35% involved physical attacks 20% THE PROPORTION OF BREACHES THAT USED SOCIAL TACTICS LIKE PHISHING WAS 4X HIGHER IN 2012, COMPARED TO 2011 MALWARE TOP THREE WAYS delivered in 2012: malware was Mobile malware threats A app repackaging JUMPED BY 163% A malicious URLS in 2012 A "SMİShing" ) DDOS ATTACKS MOBILE MALICIOUS HACKERS 32.8 95% EXECUTE MILLION OVER 7,000 Android devices were of mobile infected in 2012, malware threats DISTRIBUTED DENIAL OF 1200%" FROM 0 2011 targeted Android in 2012 SERVICE (DD0S) ATTACKS EVERY DAY O ORGANIZATION AND INDUSTRIALIZATION OF FRAUD There are an 3 OUT OF 4 estimated |AJ JAI 10,000 financial institutions claim they've been AI ATTACKED FRAUD RINGS IN THE U.S. by fraud rings FIGHTING TODAY'S CYBER CRIME THREATS To fight the wide array of threats, organizations must enhance their visibility and awareness of criminal enterprises: DEVICE RISK ASSESSMENT – Improve your ability to recognize compromised or aggressive devices. ACCOUNT-CENTRIC AWARENESS - Improve your ability to detect and correlate events within an account - especially ones that involve account maintenance requests. CROSS-CHANNEL AWARENESS – Improve your ability to correlate events across channels and lines of business. BIG DATA ANALYTICS - Improve your ability to find patterns in the massive amounts of operational data collected throughout the business. Sources: • Tha Atn Group Varinon Data Brach ostigan port • The Ant-Phistg Workg GroD BROUGHT TO YOU BY O41STPARAMETER • Sore Etye Networks DAdics NO Mobije REPORT FSacue Labs

The Growing Threats of Cyber Crime

shared by 41st_Parameter on Jun 26
This infographic outlines the top five growing threats in trends in cyber crime and provides useful steps for businesses to take to fight against potential attacks.


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