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Groupon and Daily Deal Sites

GROUPON REVEALED: THE PROS & CONS " DAILY DEALS O see! HOW DOES IT WORK? Site JABBER IT'S A DEAL! GRIUP COUPONS O deal is posted 24 HOURGUPONS This desl ond te anting RaUFONSS tron coued tety O These deak tead to be service to a let price dinner mabarisa het can be senke-asad. Aminun numbar of people are reeded for this deal to be va o are encouged to lends O Dess a y posted by midngt ind ts oy e keg as ples de Taicaly, hen e cly 24hours to buy to Ihe deal tetor a re one is aostad Rag 24 Haars THE CONSUMER esough peog tuy Into hi d y cee agoupon nat you than tuato the local mehnt O You ha yousell DEAL ON! WHY DOES IT WORK? MERCHANT 2$ r dscounted merchendise or serices because mliple peple ae making the same pircfese On avarage. hese coupers offern eterion nte of for higher then tle 1 tation rate sen fron tadteret cram The merchant is aeofler When coreanens p n the det on Duily Deal site he nerchant is gana tatanunt of pecple wi be coming in to peta patioar service or iten CONSUMER Daily teak ofr consumers ep tecouts. WDan average gpinton Sne of 24 haas mont e ofter a new deal aach day. Delly Deal stes wll ete send daly ani to keep you updated. Dely Deal stes have loruns of teloe ly deaers' conetinge consumer to a socal ret of oher O n, offering o or e on the featured goots and senices Comaners at perticipate in ay das typiclly save between S1030 n ther parchase PROS CONS Inexpensive Deals Ths is the ost apesing teatre af dly deal wetehes Most sies w otter inope or free shipping, maldng that deal the more sweeter. Lack of Customer Service On moet daly deal stes Cuslonar service Saads toa of Itte impertance O 50% or Bust O Ability to Profit Entsearid-mintet indiduals wilirg to inest in the vertised des, canenea the narchendisa at a proft. For merhats hee is minimun delantinerder is paricipate in he sie. Ualy you mut be wiling to ofter a senvice at at os ot O No Refunds for meet stre he re ro tands ar cachanges. neis a problem witha produt he ceremer mt go though th nifactarer ahar than the merhat. Social Connectivity Many of these shs ha to where felow cornuners can meet and octenge recommendetions and ortikiss. GROUPON.COM LIVINGSOCIAL.COM PROS >CONS PROS CONS Buk largins Op oferedin ta nn lager disceus fa ry hee peree t hese des is Whet Gro keran sher stes, an nge4 dags Mnun Decot Nechars mat te wig to Clone Serice Catersevice iss espand to inguiries and oten atct to contict oci Corecton Calene Serice L socialsrew jaing the et he social tweri or they san t post to dpon just Facebook Freeble Ater 3 triend neferalsa Th he eperts of retests ot horerngbeing d copara beng ofire catane reives a t d BUYWITHME.COM WOOT.COM PROS CONS PROS >CONS argai aten aiend is efered s oraer No etund Al tes ae fnds eestore, anda go ebat ow wen deeringp Chep Tech Weet aters or protet dorp disceat in2re st ddwen then Save on Shppleg Woet oters a tat shng nite on all perde Mun Dcout Met of the rd an defect or isse the eorner st cetct the reretcteer No efurs GROUPIN маr THE MOST POPULAR DAILY DEAL SITES unNCIAL BurMITHNE BUTWITHNE TIPPR UNIQUE VISITORS TRAFFIC SHARE Over the opurse of one year, the number of unique visitors to Dely Deal stes has increased by over 600% According to Eperian, this is the breaktoun of the daily deal market 8,278,460 3% 4% 7% 8MLUON 6,926,063 16% DAILY DEAL 43% GMLLION TRAFFIC 4,853,728 4MLUON 2,249,324 27% 503,538 2 AUS GROWTH AVERAGE DEAL PRICE Unique visitor grewth trom 2000-2010 $41 $41 $35 740.64 623.31 489.8 847 GROUPON LIVINGSOCIAL BUYWITHME WOOT GROUPON LIVINGSOCIAL BUYWITHNE Sources: WSI,,,, "Groupon Another Market Saccess" Robert Murphy, Yipit.,,, SEPT 20 FE AP

Groupon and Daily Deal Sites

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Groupon is the fastest growing site in the history of the Internet. With daily deals that users can't resist companies all over the United States are jumping on the Groupon train. This infographic loo...


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