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The great tech divide

The Great Tech Divide MAN VS WOMAN O Online behavior Overall internet access 20% 79% 84% more men than FEMALE MALE women – over 55 – have internet access Teenage girls are way more socially active online than boys. 70% of girls aged 15 – 17 contribute to blogs or social platforms. opposed to just 57% of boys Could this be because teenage boys are more easily distracted online? It's certainly a possibility... Women post on average You Tube 55% more status updates on their Facebook walls than men However, when it comes to video it seems that the boys are more active - responsible for 56% of all YouTube uploads "He's so hot!" Women over 55 are the fastest growing segment on Facebook you only have to look at that face to work out why... © Computer workforce of Computer Science Only 1% graduates are female* 38% of men and 39% of women visit a social *we're not entirely sure what the other 99% are network on PC or laptop But women do make up 26% of the global computing workforce "I love lol cats" More women than men use a computer at work: 60% v 54% But of those that do have computers in the workplace, men have the most internet access: 60% v 48% - the girl's bosses must have seen those Facebook statistics already 41% of UK households O Gaming have a gaming console The statistics for console ownership are surprisingly even: 43% 45% 55% & Wii. PS3. 3 XBOX 360. yationa 57% 55% 45% Men prefer time related challenges such as Tetris, Women prefer strategic games with less time pressure such as SIMS and Monopoly O Smartphones 42% Total UK smartphone ownership of all content watched by men on 50% their mobiles is sports related -14%: Total UK Blackberry ownership -17%: Total UK iPhone ownership O Online shopping 61.1% of online purchases are made by women Women now buy 4 out of every 10 gadgets sold in the UK 58.2% of all dollars spent online are spent by women In fact, men only lead women in three online shopping categories*, these are: Seems like women also Music love a deal; they make up 62% and 67% of Groupon and Living Social's audiences Auctions respectively Computer Hardware *Of course, we all know that there's a 4th - but we're too polite to mention it brought to you by: PC site @pcsiteuk | Copyright ©2012 PC Site Sources: Tracker Q1 2012.pdf

The great tech divide

shared by pcsiteuk on Aug 08
Did you know that only 1% of Computer Science graduates are women? Most people who work in digital publishing will tell you of the importance social media in this day and age, and as the more sociable...


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