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The Great Smartphone Debate

10:24 The Great Smartphone Debate According to the Pew Research Center, 80% of 18-to-34-year-old Americans own a smartphone (and if the other 20% had more money, they would too). But with half a dozen brands and countless models to choose from, which smartphones inspire the most curiosity and positive feeling amongst the people who own them? We've sampled a variety of social sources to find out. The Current Smartphone Landscape In Q2 2013, smartphone sales exceeded mid-range, Top stories World Tech U.S. Politics > NEWS Feature phone sales continue "feature phone" sales for the first time ever (accounting for 51.8% of all mobiles). to decline > 2012 58.4% 41.6% Feature phones 2013 48.2% 51.8% Smart 2014 R.I.P. flip phones :( 44.6% 55.4% phones * projection by International Data Corporation (!) Smartphone vendor market share Q2 '13 With a market share of 31.7%, Samsung has kept its No. 1 position in the global smartphone market, despite Apple's sales being 10% higher than a year ago. SAMSUNG 14.2% 31.7% LG 5.1% lenovotA 4.7% ZTEOX Others 4.3% 40% 1700 Android currently dominates smartphone operating systems, with almost 80% market smartphones sold every minute during Q2 2013 - 225 million in total. share. i0S is in 2nd place, but BlackBerry has dropped to 4th behind Windows after Q2 2013. Android 79% iOS 13.2% Windows 3.7% Blackberry 2.9% Other 1.2% Listening to the Smartphone Conversation So, does the social conversation of thousands of smartphone Android 558 mentions users online echo the business iOS ios 295 mentions stats above? To find out, we began by sampling 10,000 tweets across a 10-hour Windows 120 mentions period, all containing the word "smartphone." The order of top three most mentioned OSs reflected the business stats exactly. 99 Brands mentioned How about the most mentioned smartphone brands? 1. Apple 2. Google 1533 3. Samsung 4. Nokia 603 Well, in the wake of Apple's 360 release of the iPhone 5c and 329 5s, "Apple" was mentioned 2.5 times more than “Google" and 15 times more than "Sony." 5. LG 294 6. BlackBerry 243 7. НTC 126 8. Sony 101 Top six smartphones mentioned Let's get even more specific. smartphones in the 10,000 tweets. These will be the models Here are the six most mentioned we use in a moment to further assess how people online feel about smartphones in 2013. 10:0 2,127 237 229 67 43 40 Measuring pre-purchase curiosity Now that we have our sample of six phones, we can attempt to discover which has been the subject of the most image and video searches (signs of pre-purchase customer curiosity). Google Image Search You Tube Searches • More people searched for Galaxy S4 videos than iPhone 5 videos after Apr. '13 (until the Sep. '13 launch of the iPhone 5S) • Most interest over the last year: iPhone 5 • Least interest over the last year. • The BlackBerry Z10 once again received the least interest (not shown) BlackBerry Z10 (not shown) iPhone 5 launched Oct '12 Jan '13 Apr '13 Jul '13 Oct '12 Jan '13 Apr '13 Jul '13 iPhone 5 S4 IHTC One Xperia Z INexus 4 iPhone 5 S4 HTC One IXperia Z I Nexus 4 Debates in YouTube comments The comments section on YouTube videos can be a crazy, argumentative place. We've extracted and analyzed 5,000 comments made on the six phones' most popular videos. Through these, we can see how people debate the virtues of the different brands and models. iPhone 5 Nexus 4 S4 Z10 Xperia Z HTC One 10:0 Most mentioned S4 S4 iPhone 5 iPhone 5 iPhone 5 iPhone 5 competitor in (352) (214) (800) (306) (257) (124) comments Most used Love Nice Amazing Bad Great Love descriptive word Despite Apple losing some of its market share over the last year, it's still widely compared on YouTube; all but one of the non-Apple phones we tracked mentioned the iPhone in their comments more than any other competing smartphone. Camera use as a sign of popularity flickr Apple's iPhones dominate Flickr's most popular smartphone camera rankings, even though Samsung's Galaxy S3 has been more popular than the now ancient iPhone 3G over the last 12 months. Using photos' EXIF data, Flickr tracked the five smartphones that were most used by its users to take and upload pictures over the last year Perhaps iPhones appear to dominate because there are so many Android devices on the market (spreading their popularity). out 1 iPhone 4S 2 iPhone 4 iPhone 5 4 SIII 5 iPhone 3G The new generation of competitors HTC One Max 10:08. * While millions of people continue to debate the pros and cons of Coming Q4 2013 23K tweets in the six smartphone models covered above, millions more anticipate their imminent upgrade to one of the next iterations of smartphones. Here's how much the upcoming models are excitedly debated last 30 days Sony Xperia Z1 Released Sept. 20, 2013 97K last 30 days tweets in about on Twitter. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Life companion Released Sept. 25, 2013 12:45 198K tweets in And, of course, a debate on the last 30 days most recent smartphones causing worldwide discussion wouldn't be iPhone 5C complete without mentioning the iPhone 5C and 5S. Some have Released Sept. 20, 2013 1.8m tweets in mocked the former's aesthetics, last 30 days while many praise the latter's speed. Check out the huge number of tweets about both models over iPhone 5S 12 O Released Sept. 20, 2013 the last 30 days. 2.5m tweets in last 30 days ebaydeals project an Check out to read the full article iPhone 5 Nexus 4 Galaxy S4 BlackBerry Z10 Xperia Z HTC One

The Great Smartphone Debate

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80% of 18-to-34-year-old Americans own a smartphone. We've sampled a variety of social sources to find out which brands people like the most.


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