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The Great Patent War: Samsung vs. Apple

AndróidPIT AndraidPIT AndroidPiT AndidPT AndrdidPIT I AndroidPITY THẾ GREAT PATENTWAR OF 2011M WHO FIRED FIRST? WHO TOOK IT INTERNATIONAL? Apple SAMSUNG In April Apple inc. filed a lawsuit claiming that many of Samsung's popular Androld devices vlolate their patents on a host of different technologies. The suit was filed in a U.S. District Court and formed the basis for the legal trench war that soon followed. The Korean smartphone giant quickly filed suits in Germany, Japan and South Korea, which took the fight global and resulted in Apple's European and Asian counter offensive. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA U.S. DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA ... UNITED STATES Apple's main lawsuit targeting Samsung seeking damages and a ban on the importat of the Nexus S, Epic 4G, Galaxy S 4G and Galaxy Tab. OF AMERICA ................................................ .................. X BATTLE STATUS: OPEN (Trial Date: 30 July 2012) U.S. INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMMISSION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ....... X BATTLE STATUS: OPEN (Trial Date: mid 2012) U.S. DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF DELAWARE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA X BATTLE STATUS: OPEN EUROPE GERMANY (DÜSSELDORF) OEUROPE Temporary Sales Stop in Germany of Galaxy Tab 10.1 X BATTLE STATUS: APPLE VICTORY GERMANY, LANDGERICHT MANNHEIM . .. OEUROPE Ruling expected in January 2012 on possible sales stop of altered Galaxy Tab 10.1 N and Samsung's patent complaint against the iPhone 4/iPhone 4S. ......... . X BATTLE STATUS: OPEN FRANCE TRIBUNAL DE GRANDE INSTANCE DE PARIS .. .. OEUROPE Ruling expected in December 2011 on Samsung's attempt to ban the iPhone 4s. X BATTLE STATUS: OPEN ITALY, TRIBUNALE DI MILANO, MILAN OEUROPE Suit filed on the 5th of October 2011. Status unknown. X BATTLE STATUS: OPEN NETHERLANDS, THE HAGUE COURT OF JUSTICE .............. Samsung lost its bid to ban iPhone 45 due to Apple's use of 3G technology. Apple won its suit to ban sales of Galaxy S, S2 and Ace, which Samsung is attempting to circumvent the ban. O FEUROPE ............... X BATTLE STATUS: APPLE VICTORY A UNITED KINGDOM, HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE, AS CHANCERY DIV. PATENTS COURT .. .... EUROPE Status unknow as patents in question have not been publicy announced. X BATTLE STATUS: UNKNOWN ASIA JAPAN TOKYO DISTRICT COURT ASIA Samsung is seeking a ban on the iPhone4, iPhone 4s iPad 2. Apple is seeking sale stop of Galaxy S, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S2 Galaxy tab 7. X BATTLE STATUS: OPEN AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA Sale ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been lifted and Apple ordered to pay all legal costs. AUSTRALIA X BATTLE STATUS: SAMSUNG VICTORY PROBABLE OUTCOME: While both sides claim they are only seeking to protect their intellectual property, these lawsuits are mostlikely an attempt to gain a short term sales boots and Improve their position for an eventual settlement. Patent cases take years to resolve (much longer then the life cycle of modern electronic devices) so the most likely outcome is an out of court settlement. But with each court case won, Apple and Samsung improve their position at the bargaining table. SOURCES: - - . . - - - -

The Great Patent War: Samsung vs. Apple

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Apple vs. Samsung. Who is suing whom? Where did it start? What is at stake? Is the Galaxy Tab still banned in Germany? Who's pulling ahead in California: Samsung or Apple? Trying to find out exactly h...


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