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SPONSORED BY: GRAPHITE LOMIKO METALS. The Driving Force Behind Green Technology TSX-V: LMR 6. 15th most abundant element in the Earth's crust Carbon 3 TYPES OF CARBON GRAPHITE FACTS AMORPHOUS DIAMONDS Coal, soot, charcoal, etc Highest An GRAPHITE An Lightest weight of all reinforce- natural Corrosion excellent excellent strength / stiffness of and heat conductor of electricity lubricant resistant ments any material and heat GRAPHITE OCCURS IN 3 FORMS Flake Lump / Vein Amorphous DEMAND USD $12,000,000,000 STEEL AND (Estimated worldwide Graphite market in 2011) AUTOMOTIVE Tonnes MARKETS Compare Graphite with other markets per year Ni 1,300,000 growth in the last decade. Nickel 1,100,000 Graphite 1.1 million tonnes per year 900,000 Demand for flake 700,000 *INN: graphite is being 500,000 driven upwards by green technology 300,000 Mo Driven by Asian steel and auto markets REE Li 100,000 Molybdenum Rare Earth Lithium SUPPLY FACT 40% 60% China controls over 70% Amorphous graphite of the world's graphite market. Flake graphite EU and USA have named graphite a supply critical mineral Highest price Lowest supply High purity crystal flake graphite supply is very limited. Only this kind of natural graphite can be used for Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, and other green tech. High Carbon Purity Large Flake 99% Size Price of resource 90% 80% Percentage of Carbon Flake GREEN TECHNOLOGY DRIVING GRAPHITE DEMAND LITHIUM ION BATTERIES TO Lithium ion batteries are found in many modern electronic devices. 15g The amount of graphite in a smartphone battery In the near future, use of electric cars will increase dramatically. Electric car batteries contain a significant amount of graphite. For example: 275 m ll In a Li-ion battery, graphite is used as the anode. FACT There is actually Graphite use 90 10-20x "kgs in 60 more graphite in a Lithium lon battery than Lithium NISSAN 30 Chevy Volt Nissan Leaf Tesla Roadster 3,000,000• The number of electric vehicles expected to be in use by 2017 FUEL CELLS Fuel Cells have the potential to use as much graphite as all other uses." Proton Exchange Membrane technology requires large amounts of graphite, and is the most likely technology to be developed for use in light vehicles, buildings, and smaller applications.* *US Geological Survey tUS Department of Energy NUCLEAR POWER China is currently developing and testing Pebble Bed reactor designs. In April 2011, China began building a 210 MW fourth-generation nuclear reactor using high temperature gas-cooled Pebble Bed technology. 400GW CHINA is aiming to exponentially expand its nuclear power program: 350GW 300GW 250GW 200GW 150GW 100GW FACT 50GW A 1GW Pebble Bed Reactor needs 3,000 tonnes of graphite to start up and up to 1,000 tonnes to operate annually 2020 2030 2050 o revolve infographics


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The driving force behind green technology.


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