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The Goooogle Graveyard

THE GOO00000GLE GRAVEYARD A Resting Place for Great Ideas R.I.P. Ad ddttche s wuO Google Reader A once-robust RSS reader with a small (in Google's eyes) but GOOGLE READER very loyal fanbase. Google stripped Reader of its social properties in October 2011, then finally axed the product. JULY 2013 iGoogle R.I.P. iGoogle A customizable homepage containing web feeds and Google Gadgets, launched in May 2005. Renamed iGoogle in April 2007. DAden Baker.ntergroplet ay Alaiada mae th ya Doya Av Bn C . May 12 languge n wat DW, Mat g1-May May IGOOGLE Nov 1, 2013 Citing "erosion of the need for the site," Google will retire iGoogle on November 1, 2013. The A Google approach instant communication R.P. Google Talk Desktop instant messaging service that provided text and GOOGLE TALK ogle Talk Setnas ittels Download Ge ak Anna By using Google Talk Tems of Service and voice communication. MAY 15, 2013 Replaced by Google Hangouts on May 15, 2013. Download Google Talk and g & Sentldes Hert e Instant messaging d you can call and Martree Yeah and send es loat A Gmail notifications Or connect to Google Gat tend me that photo Google Ha Pi Mcal sota R.I.P. Google Health Allows users to store, manage and share all their health and wellness information in one central place. Development ceased June 24, 2011; accessible until January 1, 2012; data available for download until January 1, 2013. unnamed Services and heah guide Gat the most out of Google Hasth GOOGLE HEALTH Cendtkara matan pria You can i bro w co Dooe Medisations Allergea Google health gude Surgeries A Praceduree Whan ya ar on ta y paati daag wih JAN, 2013 eticalnd prcy eonts to yurmedical previten. Google eh vl anurissos bas.2. heisht Famly histery R.I.P. Knol KNOL The Decline of Women in Computer Science from 1940-198a Google's attempt at a Wikipedia competitor, Knol enabled subject experts and other users to write authoritative articles related to various topics. Content was not accessible after October 1, 2012. Jenailer Tekor Aoer abtw in thebnof omtrs is whie workinEwand Mastm de ihetaret Grdate School of don Ca andofall the papen workedduring OCT 1, 2012 I Introduction LI Background and Mativades R.I.P. Photo editing Pe yr ph febo with y te set peet tels Jueak t yur eart's contet, then get oreaive with codes of ettects. funts PICNIK Picnik An online photo editor. Before being acquired by Google in 2010, Picnik was the default photo editor in Flickr. Closed on April 19, 2012. APR 11, 2012 Ue ataad tene y R.I.P. Good mori Google Buzz A social networking, microblogging and messaging tool that was integrated with Gmail, initially (to much chagrin) GOOGLE BUZZ oogle buzz Connect to are Buzz updates Connect sites to dicate Buzz updates with • Activity Streams • Atom ediaRSS with as an opt-out service. Discontinued on December 15, 2011. • Atom/RS • MediaRS • PubSubH DEC 15, 2011 R.I.P. Ask Answer Aardvark AARDVARK A social search service that facilitated Q&A sessions over live chat, intended to match askers with good answerers. K Ask a question and I'll find someone to answer Which character did Will Amett volce in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? (the credits don't specify) SEP, 2011 Acquired for $50 million in February 2010, Aardvark was discontinued in September 2011. Got it! Il find the perfect person in your netuork to ansurer. (you ll get a notificmtion by emeil or IM in a few minutes Now, accept Aardvark's chat request on IM. (Need help?) “Google R.I.P. Sidewiki ht to te we oGo goith SIDEWIKI A browser sidebar tool that allowed users to contribute information to any web page. Killed in September 2011 along with a host of other unsuccessful products. Helo and iearn trom others as Sidewik nthe d y ma omov t v wteut maingke ewonhogh hang tMe SEP, 2011 Whet evenere tomacal v hewoe Wyu hernderis pel e Me Google Notebook Search My Nates Gearch Tip: Desrkad h brower ensn le add natea ham any wbpage Sert Unfiled Notebosks Create anen boak R.I.P. Google Notebook A free application that allowed users to save clips of BIEEJ For T Size EE Unliled GOOGLE NOTEBOOK InfoQ: A Comparative Clarification: Microforma comite201irmats Patioe Google Shatcuts Google Earh ASA "Wad Wind information in an online “notebook." ROFA vs micreformats from Evan Prodromou Comt tte Se Microformats vs. RDF How Migrefermats Re www.ematicocn comblagrtry mcrater Cont t Sea Discontinued in September 2011. Google launched a similar product, Google Keep, in March 2013. Labuh SEP, 2011 pps (1) aticde (t) ROF vs Microformats and the Semantic We sandmictomat Dome t e Semae books 4 burse Ivar Hagendeam Engish English. French R.I.P. French English German BETA Geman- English ETA English talan talian Google Dictionary As the name implies, an online dictionary service. Shut down in August 2011; part of the functionality was integrated with the define: operator. Korean GOOGLE DICTIONARY Sparish Russian English. Korean Karean Englsh Engish Spanish Spanish- Englah et Chnese (Tradtionat Chinese (impined phrases Pertuguese Hind English Russan ETA Russian English DETA fookish AUG, 2011 English. Chinese (Traanenal) languages Chinese (tradton) Engish Engliah » Chinese (Simpided) also a ward in Enstsh Dastach Chinese (Simpited) » English English Portuguese Potuguese Engiah RJ.P. GOOGLE LABS Google Labs A“playground" where adventurous users could test and provide feedback on prototype projects. Discontinued in July 2011 इज JULY, 2011 Google Wave Released as an invite-only preview in 2009, Wave was a framework that allowed real-time collaborative editing with elements of email, IM, wikis, and social networking. Google ceased development of Wave in August 2010 due to R.I.P. GOOGLE WAVE AUG, 2010 JEA ae-i an rs 12 pm lack of interest. Gelry peng hdy-ey y y Mlay 3 barry schwartz R.I.P. GOOGLE SEARCHWIKI Google SearchWiki This feature allowed logged-in users to annotate and SearchWiki notes for barry schwartz. EShare thes re-order search results. bg - Barry Schwartz's Personal Blog is Trademark Policy Change: Possible Consequence vist Image; Congrats Barry Schwartz On New Baby m/ - 73k - Cached - Similar pages - ek, Nov 21, 2008 - "This is the real Barry Schwartz! Search Wiki was discontinued in March 2010 MAR, 2010 R.L.P. Dodgeball Google bought Dodgeball, a mobile social networking service, in 2005. Its founder went on to leave Google and form Foursquare. DODGEBALL w available in over 22 citlest INVITE FRENDS od tiends la your ontine protie your tiends wil receivea he phone with your LOC 2009 FRENn Google killed Dodgeball in 2009, replacing it with Google Latitude. nyour phone. check in by sending TEXT MESSACE TO 38343 R.I.P. | ullamaaria ulla Maaria Mutanen Jaiku JAIKU share yur h Jaiku is to Twitter as Dodgeball is to Foursquare: This microblogging service was so named because the posts resembled haiku. from ullamaaria 2009 Google stopped development on Jaiku in 2009. R.I.P. Google Lively A 3D animated chat program, using avatars, that was only supported on Windows. Google Lively only lived six months, and passed away in GOOGLE LIVELY December 2008. DEC, 2008 BackiaasEhr Beect y ing hw R.L.P. GOOGLE PAGE CREATOR Google Page Creator A basic website creation and hosting tool that required no HTML knowledge. Canned in 2008. 2008 Google Zeitgeist Zeitgeist was a collection of popular search queries, including weekly, monthly and yearly lists, plus topic and country specific lists. Closed May 2007 and replaced by Hot Trends, a dynamic feature in Google Trends. R.I.P. Politica We no shotagegndreang moments and lestones. the 200 campaig is one for the htory baoks ZEITGEIST All of hese seaches had the laest e on Goegle com in the LU MAY, 2007 The Race to the Finish Line Google GOOGLE ANSWERS R.I.P. Google Answers Google's answer to Yahoo Answers employed paid researchers and asked users to bid for a response to their question. Users preferred their answers free, and the product was Answers Ask a question. Set your price. Get your answer. More than 500 carefully screened Researchers are ready to nswer your question for as imle as 52 50 - usualy within 24 ours. Your satistaction is completaty guaranteed Find out shat others are saying La Create aG DEC, 2006 - Enter your Question. Tisa or.grsat.cRsulta. killed in December 2006. presented by: Sources Information compiled by WordStream, not official Google Research. All Google products are trademarks of Google, Inc. WordStream

The Goooogle Graveyard

shared by WordStream on Jun 27
Celebrating the resting place of retired google products and services, we grief for the services we once loved that now sit in the Google Graveyard




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