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Google's Algorithm Updates 1997-2015

Google's algorithm updates 1997-2015▼ How the search engine has influenced the quality of website content. Google Toolbar – December 2000 was first registered in 1997. Algorithm updates started in 2000 with the launch of the Google Toolbar, which gave users access to Toolbar PageRank. According to Moz this is where "the Google dance began". FACT Google has no defined naming system for its algorithm updates Panda/Farmer – 23 February, 2011 Boosted the rankings of websites with high quality content over link-saturated ones that provided little or no value. FACT The Panda update was named after Google engineer Navneet Panda Effect on content marketing – Google clamped down on sites with duplicate content, and they were eventually blocked from indexing unless rewritten. Keyword stuffing suddenly became passé. Unfortunately not everyone noticed, leading to later updates focused on "thin" content: sites with little content or which hadn't updated in a long time. FACT Sergey Brin and Larry Page incorporated Google in 1998 Penguin 24 April, 2012 Penalised sites that were spamming links to artificially increase ranking results, either buying them or acquiring them through link building networks. Effect on content marketing Outreach and guest posting became more about quality over quantity. Low value links (from poor quality websites – see PageRank) were penalised and reputable links with larger audiences became important. Hummingbird – 20 August, 2013 The context of a query and natural sounding search terms came into focus. FACT Closer attention was paid to 'searcher intent – the meaning or reason behind a search, rather than basing search results on individual keywords. Google has the largest network of translators in the world Effect on content marketing - This semantic approach meant websites relied more on good content than SEO for higher search rankings. The level of optimisation on pages became much more important: load speeds, ease of navigation and user experience. Pigeon – 24 July, 2014 Intended to provide accuracy and relevance to local searches. Improving local search listings in order to maximise on increased focus on searcher location. FACT Pigeon didn't have an internal name at Google, the update got its name from website Search Engine Land Effect on content marketing - Content that highlighted quality, authority and relevance gained even more of a focus. Search Engine Land described the best course of action for Pigeon as being: 6 Less chasing down Google and more focus on building the reputation and authority of your business I5 Mobile Update AKA "Mobilegeddon" - 22 April, 2015 Priority placed on mobile friendly sites in mobile search results. Effect on content marketing – SEO practitioners need to ensure a site is mobile friendly. Content needs to be clear and engaging regardless of the platform it is being viewed on. Arguably the force that made ethical search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques cool, and quality content marketing hot, comes of age this year. Yes, the search engine with the biggest global market share can now – in the UK only- apply for a mortgage, watch an 18-rated film, and get a tattoo. Maybe of a Panda, or a Hummingbird... Нароу Happy Birthday Ģo Google 18 years old every Sources Moz - Google Algorithm Change History (2015) Moz - The evolution of search - Whiteboard Friday (June 2013) Moz - The greatest misconception in content marketing (April 2014) Google - Company History Brafton - Google Panda Entrepreneur - 6 Changes your SEO 2015 strategy must focus on (December 2014) Content Marketing institute - The evolution of content marketing will include intelligent content (January 2015) Search Engine Land - Google: Pigeon Update Search Engine Land - Google: Penguin Update Search Engine Land - Google: Panda Update Search Engine Land - Google: Hummingbird Search Engine Land - 58% of local marketers will change tactics after Pigeon update (November 2014) Contently - 35 Content marketing stats you need to know (November 2014) KCcentral - Your rights at 18 Fuzz One - Breaking down SEO changes (2013) Digital Marketing - History of top Google algorithm updates

Google's Algorithm Updates 1997-2015

shared by helloevery1 on Sep 14
An informative infographic documenting the main algorithm changes made by Google to commemorate their 18th birthday.




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