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Google, You Don't Know Me! Information Security and Targeted Advertising

e GOOGLE "Welcome to your life we know all about it!" WHAT GOOGLE KNOWS, AND WHERE THEY GET IT Google+ Google Search YouTube Google Calendar Gmail Google Maps Your interests Your social network Your correspondences Your videos Your schedule Your locations do they collect this WHY information? s Google uses the information to show users more personalized ads and more relevant search results ARE USERS OKAY WITH THIS? According to a February 2012 Pew Internet & American Life survey: are NOT okay 73% say it's BAD 65% with tracking searches in order to personalize future search results due to privacy concerns to use collected information to rank future search results because it limits information availability GOOGLE INDEXES: According to CNN, Google can track your searches on your individual devices for up to 6 months, 20,000,000,000 web pages per day EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT LOGGED IN TO YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT More than 3,000,000,000 daily search queries HOW GOOGLE'S BEING PUNISHED HUGE FINES In 2012, In 2013, after Google circumvented security settings and tracked user activities on Apple's Safari browser, Google agreed to pay a $7 million fine for using its Street View cars to collect personal information from unencrypted networks the FTC fined the company $22.5 million – its largest fine in history "We work hard to get privacy right at Google. But in this case we didn't." Nİki Fenwick, Google spokeswoman TRACKING = PROFITING %3D According to eMarketer, Google dwarfs the competition in search revenue, perhaps due to its ability to customize results based on what it knows about you 2012 American search engine net revenue, in billions This means that in 2012, Google accounted for 73.8% of search ad I $12.79 Google Yahoo!$1.15 Microsoft I $o.66 revenue AOL $0.24 Find out what Google knows ABOUT YOU Google offers a way for you to see some of the information it has of yours through its GOOGLE TAKEOUT SERVICE BUT KEEP IN MIND: According to PCWorld, the service merely gives you a copy of the information – you can't remove any of it ARE THEY HELPING THE NSA SPY ON US? If they are, it's a BIG deal MAYBE As reported by the Guardian, companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Yahoo! have come under scrutiny for possible involvement in the National Security Agency's surveillance program, Prism Edward Snowden, the source of the NSA leak about the program, has been condemned by many involved with Prism NSA Director, General Keith Alexander, believes the leaks have caused “irreversible and significant damage" to the United States According to the New York Times, Google and Facebook discussed plans to build separate, secure portals on company servers where the U.S. government could request and retrieve data IS THERE A CAREER IN THIS TYPE OF WORK? INFORMATION SECURITY ANALYSTS use information technology (IT) to keep a company's information free from cyber attacks and privacy violations. Salary information and projected growth data is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2012 National projected growth between 2010 and 2020 National median Degree & experience required income BACHELOR'S AND RELEVANT $86,170 O 22% WORK EXPERIENCE Employment opportunities may require different or additional qualifications or certifications beyond those described in this infographic. Employment opportunities may also vary based on other factors including coursework completed, geographic location and general economic conditions. None of the information contained in this infographic is intended to nor shall it guarantee any result for any individual. Created for © Quinstreet, Inc., 2013 WorldWideleam SOURCES "Google Takeout Products." 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Google, You Don't Know Me! Information Security and Targeted Advertising

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Find out some of the information that Google has on you, and discover some of the ways it puts it to use.




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