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Google Interesting Facts, Tips, Tricks & Stats

KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE АВОИТ First GOOGLE Doodle Google's First Ever Tweet I'm 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 Go gle! 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010 Decoding the message reveals the entire phrase to be "I'm Feeling Lucky" Google originating from the misspelling of the word ? 97% is the "Googol" percentage of 97% revenue from advertising GOOGLE TIMELINE Incorporated Purchased Google Chrome Launched Registered Gmail Purchased Google+ Launched Blogger Launched Youtube в You Tube 15 8+ 15, Sep 4, Sep 1998 1, Apr 13, Nov 2006 2, Sep 2008 Feb 28, Jun 2011 1997 2003 2004 First Android Monthly Phone Google Released: Searches: Search September, 11.944 2008 Billion Sign in Number of 87.1% U.S Google People use Employees : Google in 53891 mobile phones your name? If a Google I'M A GOOGLER employee dies, his or her spouse gets half pay for 10 years. Employees at Google are In 2013 Google suffered called Googlers, and new a blackout that took employees at Google are down all of its services called Nooglers. for five minutes. 15% of Google searches each day have never 15% been searched before. WHAT HAPPENS IN A G0OGLE MINUTE ? (6J) 2,400,000 $123,109 5 4 Google Glasses Sold Search Queries Earned in Revenue Chrome Book Shipped 1,157,407 642 20,653,660 $2283 Earned Revenue Google play New Google+ Ad Impressions in Android App Downloads Users HIDDEN FEATURES Search Within A Website T. Type "site:" followed by the URL of the website you'd like to search. Then add your search terms. Search By File Type 2. Search by file type to find other PowerPoints. Enter your search terms followed by "filetype:PPT." Yu Search Images Maps Play YouTube Nows Gnal Drive Calendar More - Yu Seach Images Maps Play YouTube Nows Gnal Drive Calerdar More Google infographics Google infographics filetype:PPT Exclude entire file types, using the same Boolean syntax we used to exclude key words earlier: "search term" -filetype:doc Calculator J. Type Calculator and hit enter. 4. Timer • Set a timer by typing" set timer for "and then the amount of time. Teu Searh inag Mape Play he Nowe Gral Drie Caiercar More- Teu Searth inag Mape Play lhe Newe Gral Drive Caiercar Mare- Google Calculator Google set timer for 5 minutes 5m 00: has Imv Ans DXP 5. Tip Calculator Google has a built in calculator for tipping, Sunrise/sunset O. If you need to know what time the sun will rise or set, just search it on Google just search tip calculator Vaa Saach imag Mape Play VouThe Naas Gnal Dre Calendr Mare You Search Images Maps Play YouTube News Gmail Drive Calendar More - Google tip calculator Google sunrise Mews Mare Jeah Images Maps Shopping News More Not 30.00o.00e ter) About 358.000,000 resuts (0.28 seconds) 0.00 Tip $0.00 Tip % 6:06 AM 15% Total $0.00 Sunrise in Bengaluru, Karnataka Number of people Compare foods 1. Google will also let you pitch two foods against each other Google Image Search 8. Google lets you see where specific images are being used over the internet. All you need to do is upload or provide the link to the image Va Saah Image Mape Play Voube Nas Gmal Dre Caierdr Mor Google sweet potato vs potato Bill Google Images Sweet potato Potato Amount per Search by image Calordes BE 77 S Daiy Value S Dainy Value Total 20 g 17 caroonyarate Protein 1.3 0 FUNNY TRICKS - TRY IT YOURSELF with I'm Feeling Lucky Type the following in the google search bar, click the" I'm Feeling Lucky Button" and discover for yourself. Google Gravity Google Hacker Google Pacman Google Sphere Google Mirror Google Underwater These commands work with the Google Search Button Google Search ... Do a Barrel Roll Zerg Rush Tilt FAILED GOOGLE PROJECTS Google W Google Olively Answers by Google ETA Google Answers Google Buzz Google Wave Google Videos Google Lively SOURCES : echieSense

Google Interesting Facts, Tips, Tricks & Stats

shared by parampreetchanana on Aug 19
This infographic reveals Interesting Facts, Tips and Tricks with amazing Stats. Tricks with Google Search Results and I'm Feeling Lucky Option. See this infographic and Enjoy those funny tricks and un...






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