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The Google Diet

the Google diet TM HOW GOOGLE OPTIMIZES EMPLOYEE HEALTH (or at least influences their eating habits) peo-ple an-a-lyt-ics Everything at Google starts with Google has a special HR department that analyzes consumer behavior, and then "nudges" employees into better decisions. For Example: Since people tend to fill their plates with whatever they see first... ...the salad bar is the first thing you'll see in the Google cafeteria GREEN MEANS GO RED MEANS WHOA! Green-colored tags in the cafeteria indicate healthy, Red-colored tags in the cafeteria denote fatty, high-calorie foods low-calorie choices HOW GOOGLE HYDRATES $72 47% increase in water MILLION consumption when water is placed in the fridge at eye- level Amount Google spends annually on free employee food. 7% decrease in calories from soda 9% drop in caloric intake from candy consumption at Google when goodies were placed in opaque bins People who take big plates tend to eat more 32% of all diners choose smaller plates when the above sign was posted in the Google cafeteria. Most desserts at Google are designed to be eaten in three bites, reducing caloric intake and curbing potential binges. Sources: Infographic provided by • Created by oBizMedia

The Google Diet

shared by BeckStephenA on Apr 17
Google is known for its data and how it optimizes its community - but did you know that they also optimize their own employees? Using their internal "People Analytics" program, Google looks at how the...


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