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Google Algorithm Updates in 2013 | Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Major Google Algorithm Updates in 2013 Penguin 2.1 Impacting around 1% of queries Released on Oct 4 2013 Penguin 2. Penguin 2.1 Affects:- Paid backlinks Low quality backlinks (typically generated using automated tools) Large numbers of links with optimized anchor text Excessive link exchanges Text advertisements that pass pagerank Other types of links listed on the link schemes webpage Forum spam & Forum Bio Spam Spammy directories Blog comment signature spam Google Hummingbird Algorithm Google Hummingbird Focus:- Meaning behind the word Understand your location (if you have shared) Paying more attention to each word in a query Paying more attention to whole sentence Conversation Search In Depth Article In-depth articles Yasuni National Park - National Geographic There are as many insect species in a single hectare of the rain forest here as are known in all of the U.S and Canada combined. Yasun's location nurtures this abundance. The park sits at .. Released on August 6 2013 National Geographic "The Sumatran rainforest will mostly disappear within... In only a few yeara, logging and agribusiness have cut Indonesia's vast rainforest by half. The government has renewed a moratorium on deforestation but it may already be . g Guardian Tropical Deforestation Feature Articles Tropical forests include dense rainforests, where rainfall is abundant year-round: .. The edges of the fragments dry out and are buffeted by hot winds, mature rainforest trees . To do getting listed in "In-depth articles" NASA Earth Observatory Use article markup Set up authorship markup Set up a Googlet account, including your logo Properly handle paginated articles Use "first click free for paywall content Knowledge Graph banack obama Ala .cco.cco it Nens for berack obama IN uy lh tter y h Ntan Barck Knowledge Graph provides information on the search results pages based on structured data Is e depyel e Barack Obama atersts Dreun 3ale A ane a Son-11 o Bersck Obama l lo y t E A ug h Te ut18 hous a0e and what searchers are most commonly looking for. Barack Obama M n enis Barack Obama wwwbarackebama con onle ction canga ge webske of Presidert Darack Obama prdas the laes ala skian a v ats ad s la vkut d. Bask hes Cla a t t el Kies e f car Anater ta hade acs. Bu Aand 4, 11 a 21. hd Barack Obama Wiipecia, hu hoe eckpeiu enpede oroBarack Obama - Hur Hoe Oume li e h l t ttele dl Sia, it e A An e Hmn ei Pa, Ciama i Fy t er Ha Pamtyet ra Me hera n Fll name Emeken Ovma ofce Fusi of the Uked s A query for the Barak Obama also shows information related to the . George W. Bush, Michelle Barack Obama (Darackobamai un Twiler Obama and Bill Clinton album of the same name. Pute A Crlen Bek Cla S hinge: MAbergn , Myn Deetere Ng. More htpster conBarackobama The le kn Hunk Olumu Hukolunul Tieanti uny Orgeniing rten sta Iets em etari re Wegtar, K Recent posts Netl Prendert Barack Obama Ihe Whte Hona larnc H ns n he cet ete nted t wynthe Ameren ctery ues tem e hoadant, a midde class upterging in a reng. Jet tpA 40 Berack Obama Washiraton. DC Pellician Eacebook tp www naraebana Harnee Cihama ttenp, /ONE Sarng t M ly O le ti Te v V H Faalssk M . People also search for Berack Obama Latest Nes Vides. atos Tmes of dia Imesonds TuokI Gee Darack Obana Laws hows. Pictas, Dapaty. Vidass arc Wabasara. Darac Olunu T fa Oiarna Penguin 2.0 Released on May 22 2013 Impacted around 2.3% of queries PENGUIN 2.0 The Penguin updates focused on a different issue. Google focused on links that were: - Coming from poor quality sites On sites that aren't topically relevant to your niche or business Paid links Keyword rich links Links where the anchor text is overly optimized (i.e., exact-match anchor text) Panda 24 Released on January 22, 2013 Impact 1.2% of English based queries Design & Published by Source:

Google Algorithm Updates in 2013 | Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization - Major Google Algorithm updates in 2013






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