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Going Ninja on IT

$ITNINJA register Log in Ask Research Share Topics About DEPLOYMENT TIPS Our community oontributed knowedge base of packaging detalis indudes tips and tride for the silent instalation of thousands of popular software ttiem Knowledge Base 500K+ 6.169 Going Ninja on IT ITNinja is a valuable resource for IT pros wanting to learn and share Want to bring application packaging from out of control to under control? ITNinja (formally known as AppDeploy) is home to a library of over 50,000 different software titles, more than 6,000 deployment tips and that will enable you to go Ninja on IT. LEARN Application packaging can get out of control, especially when moving to newer versions of Windows. Here is how ITNinja can help. 66% of applications requiring some form of remediation from Windows XP to Windows 7 migration.* APPLICATION PACKAGING PROCESS Check the Software Library at for tips and tricks for the specific version of the application you wish to deploy. If Windows Installer, does default installation suffice? If not, create a transform file. Tools to Create a Transform Install the application on your target system(s) interactively to ensure it functions as expected. • Microsoft Orca (editor) • TNE Enterprises InstEd (editor) • Flexera AdminStudio (creator/editor) • Wise PackageStudio (discontinued) (creator/editor) • ScriptLogic MSI Studio (creator/editor) • Caphyon Adavanced Installer (creator/editor) What kind of installer is it? "Creator" means you may create a response transform by interactively running through the installation process rather than building from scratch in an editor If a legacy setup, do command line options exist? If not (or if the default installation provided does not suffice) repackage into a Windows Installer setup. With a Windows Installer 4 setup ready, deployment testing is virtually the same for any systems management solution. Deploy to test systems that represent live systems in your environment to ensure Tools to Repackage Legacy Setup • Flexera AdminStudio • Wise PackageStudio (discontinued) Dell KACE AppDeploy Repackager (free) • Brain Force Packaging • Scalable Software WinINSTALL result is as expected. • Quest MSI Studio • InstallAware Studio Begin pilot and production software deployment process Admin • Caphyon Adavanced Installer • Quest ChangeBASE Robot • Infopulse MSI Generator AppDeploy Repackager FREEWARE FOR APPLICATION REPACKAGING Repackage setups as Windows Installer setups to realize a custom, silent, command line installation with rollback and logging support, with the AppDeploy Repackager tool. Common Installation Options Windows Installer (MSI) • Install the specified MSI • Remove the specified MSI • Install to the C drive, not just the drive with the most free space • Install silently with no user interface • Create a verbose at the path and filename specified • Do not allow the machine to be rebooted following installation /x = remove ROOTDRIVE=C:\ /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress InstallShield Legacy Setup • Execute the installation while recording any wizard responses in an ISS answer file at the specified name and path • Run a silent installation using the specified ISS answer file • Do not release the current session until the installation Ir /11 "path to ISS file" /s /11 "path to ISS file" complete /sms InstallShield Windows Installer Setup • Silently install and pass the specified parameters to the included Windows Installer setup /s /v/gn"windows installer parameters" Wise Installation System • Silent installation, no further options available by default /s Inno Setup • Install silently with no prompts and no restart /sp- /silent /norestart Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) • Install silently in the specified location /s /D="installation path" Testing & Documentation • Don't test as an admin, unless everyone in your environment has admin privileges (and if so, shame on you!) • Who requested the application? Who knows how it should be installed? How it validate your resulting deployment is a success? • Document installation choices • Document testing actions and happening again • Revisit the ITNinja Software Library and share relevant parts of your documentation. Share what did you learned and any problems you may results • Did something go wrong along the way? Document to help prevent the same from have encountered. should work? Who can SHARE ITNinja sees over 500,000 visitors a month, all of them are IT professionals like yourself. Earn ITNinja points as well as good Karma by sharing your knowledge with others. Sharing what you know helps everyone in the community, even yourself – with exclusive ITNinja rewards. ... get points ... You ... Activty Aad A Sottare Deploymere Tp ... to earn belts ... Por Vale Puinta Bak dsangedi Crane Softwarg Dployment Tip Summary Pints Rank ntermedate soa-1t Buck for Sofhare Oeployment Te Summary Whte -120 Secord Degre Dac Post a Bog Post a Link 1211130 Tes Degree Black Aada Commant 461S18 Thid Degres Be we atpes Fge a Blog Post. Setware To, Link 1-1e Foure Degree trac ename Tater S Green Post Quaetion tprienia on Post Answer to Question S Secpnd Degree Gron e yue 14-1 Degree tace Vote on Ansar to Queston 1761 Orang foutn Degree Green ee eos 1a176 Sevenh Degree 184 Ee Degree Ope wao Crste dosur ummary ao g4 Sen Orange r Theg Dege Green btpes Purer a N Mgmber A esa apo Sener Puple 131-701 Brown 10 70T Seraed Deorne ewe jane ae TOG-Rn Ne Dene age The Degree rown hwe pes ope Te Deree F Detrse Drowe tour rpe WIN On ITNinja, no good technical deed goes unpublished. With its reputation-based awards system, those who post tips, blogs, answer questions or even ask questions-basically anything to better the quality and conversation of the community-get points, which lead to patches, belts and exclusive ITNinja prizes. +ITNINJA ITNINJA ITNINJA.COM NINJA ITNINJA.COM +ITNINJA ITNINJA Formally known as *At Dell Inc. 2.

Going Ninja on IT

shared by dell on Nov 08
ITNinja (formerly known as AppDeploy) is a valuable resource for IT pros wanting to learn and share.


IT Ninja


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