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Go All In When It Comes To Password Security

GO ALL IN WHEN IT COMES TO PASSWORD SECURITY NOT PROPERLY MANAGING YOUR ONLINE CREDENTIALS IS LIKE PLAYING A GAME OF HIGH-STAKES POKER. FAILING TO PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT COULD VERY WELL MEAN GAME OVER. TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF THE RISKS YOU MAY FACE WHEN YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ISN'T AS PRIVATE AS YOU HOPED. 10 STEALING PASSWORDS SPELLS "JACKPOT"! 10 ONLINE AT THE LEAST ARE MANAGED BY OF SONY'S CUSTOMER NAMES, ADDRESSES, EMAIL ADDRESSES, BIRTHDAYS, PLAYSTATION/QRIOCITY ACCOUNTS EACH AVERAGE USER. 70M LOGIN CREDENTIALS, AND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION WERE COLLECTED BY HACKERS IN MAY 2011. THIS BREACH COST SONY ABOUT ¥14B OR US$171M. 33 33 33% OF USERS DATA STEALERS WILL ROB YOU BLIND. TREND MICRO HAS EITHER SAVE THEIR PASSWORDS IN A .DOC/.TXT ACTİVE SPYWARE DETECTIONS >221K DATA STEALERS LIKE ZEUS ARE DESIGNED TO GET HOLD OF SOCIAL FILE OR WRITE THESE DOWN. NETWORKING AND OTHER ONLINE ACCOUNT LOGIN CREDENTIALS. THE UNITED STATES REMAINS THE TOP PHISHING SITE HOST COUNTRY. WEB THREATS ALWAYS UP THE ANTE. 33 10 SOCIAL ENGINEERING SCHEMES THAT AIM TO 10% OF USERS TRICK YOU INTO GIVING OUT YOUR CREDENTIALS ABOUND. EMAILS HAVE A SINGLE SUPPOSEDLY FROM PASSWORD FOR BIG-NAMED COMPANIES, AKA PHISHING EMAILS, HAVE, IN FACT, ALL OF THEIR ONLINE BECOME AN ALL-TOO- ACCOUNTS. COMMON SIGHT. SITE IN JANUARY 13K SPOOFED 2012 WITH PAYPAL WAS THE MOST-PHISHED URLS. KEY ONLINE FRAUD STATISTICS A person's identity is stolen every Credit card fraud costs cardholders and credit card issuers as much as 2.8 YEARS' WORTH of A hacker known as "Soldier" stole 8.1M ADULTS in the United States were victimized by identity fraud in 2010, losing a total of US$37B. 3 SECONDS. US$3.2M from major U.S.-based corporations in September 2011 using Żeus and SpyEye. US$500M financial information is stored on computers. a year. Trend MicroTM DirectPassTM makes living your digital life a breeze. How? It gives you an easy and safe way to store numerous online passwords so you only need to remember one. It also synchronizes all of your devices in the cloud, allowing you to conduct secure online transactions wherever you are-at work, at home, or on the go. ***** Multilayer Login Password Generator Secure Browser Auto Form Filling DirectPass constantly monitors the sites you log in to for password changes. You don't have to key in your new passwords when you log in to marked sites every time you update your DirectPass helps you quickly, easily, and automatically generate secure passwords. DirectPass ensures safety when you access banking or financial sites. DirectPass sets up your user profile, helping you quickly and efficiently complete online forms. credentials. TrendLabs TREND M ICRO Global Technical Support & RSD Center of TREND MICRO

Go All In When It Comes To Password Security

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Go All In When It Comes To Password Security


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