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Global Developer Survey

Kendo UI A PUBLICATION SPONSORED BY THE WAY OF HTMLS Global Developer Survey Mobile Mobile app development is a hot topic, but desktop and mobile websites dominate; HTML5 beats out Native as the top choice for cross-platform development Andrald DC Mobile Backberrs ettop esk top MORE THAN 5,000 SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS & TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVES JANUARY 9TH - JANUARY 28TH, 2013 Developers actively using HTML5 (by region) 70% 59% 60% 50% 61% 60% Types of apps built with HTML5 O Productivity 54% A Utility 38% S Consumer 35% O LOB 22% * Social networking 18% I Entertainment 17% Lifestyle O Travel 9% A Games 8% O Other 13% The most important modern web technologies Forms & validation 32% Data (e.g. WebSQL IndexedDB, etc.) 31% CSS flexible layout (e.g. flexbox, multi-column, regions, grid) 26% Real-time communications (e.g. Web Sockets, WebRTC) 24% Web components (Le. custom elements & shadow DOM) 21% CSS Transforms, transitions and animations 17% ECMAScript 6 (e.g. maps, modules, classes, etc.) 15% HTML5 vs. Hybrid vs. Native 36% 32% 15% Mobile web apps Hybrid apps Native apps 39% HTML5 is #1 CHOICE FOR BUILDING APPS FOR SPEND TIME DEVELOPING MULTIPLE MOBILE PLATFORMS THE SAME APP/FEATURE FOR MULTIPLE PLATFORMS ioS Separating HTML5 hype from reality ONLY 24% OF DEVELOPERS THINK THAT HTML5 IS OVERHYPED 78% 68% FIND HTML5 USABLE FOR FIND HTML5 IMPORTANT FOR ALL DEVELOPERS BUILDING MOBILE APPS Platform preferences ios BLACKBERRY & APPLE IOS ARE THE MOST DIFFICULT PLATFORMS FOR APP DEVELOPMENT The most difficult platforms by ranking : BlackBerry 64% IOS Apple iOS 59% Google Android 29% Microsoft Windows Phone 8 21% Microsoft Windows 8 17% The most interesting platforms by ranking H Windows 8 66% O Chrome OS 47% O Firefox OS 36% E: BlackBerry 10 13% * Tizen OS 8% The focus the app development efforts 60% Desktop apps 26% 14% Mobile Tablet apps apps What kind of software are you building (or planning to build this year) with HTML5? Desktop websites / web apps 87% Mobile websites 53% Installable mobile apps (Hybrid apps) 29% Other 7% In conclusion THE MARKET IS BECOMING MORE HTML5 WILL CONTINUE TO PLAY A KEY ROLE IN INFORMED AND EDUCATED ON ITS CAPABILITIES AS WELL THE CROSS-PLATFORM AS MORE ACCEPTING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Want to learn more? Download the survey: Kendo UI A PUBLICATION SPONSORED BY THE WAY OF HTMNLS LD

Global Developer Survey

shared by boyanova on Feb 26
It shows data and results from a survey about usage patterns for HTML5, actual adoption versus hype and platform usage preferences.


Kendo UI


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