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Global Data Center Survey

GLOBAL DATA CENTER SURVEY SPONSORED BY enterasys Secure Networks" Enterasys Networks conducted a Global Data Center survey to better understand the implications of both data center consolidation and server virtualization and the implications they are having on networking infrastructures. The responses are presented below. (August 2012) 1. H HOW MUCH MORE HAVE YOU SPENT ON NETWORKING SOLUTIONS AS A RESULT OF VIRTUALIZATION: 50% or More Approx. 40% Approx. 20% Approx. 10% Less than 10% 11 17 24 18% 28% 24 3% 180% 28 8% DESCRIBE YOUR DATA CENTER ENVIRONMENT: 3. SINCE DEPLOYING VIRTUALIZATION, WHICH DESCRIBES YOUR ENVIRONMENT: 11.6% We are somewhat aware of the number of VMs deployed. ******* .3% We are slightly aware of the number of VMs deployed. CO7% We are very aware of the number of VMs running at a particular time. 60% 2000000000000000000 4% We have no idea how many VMs are running in our data center. 37.3% say they have some tools that provide network visibility. 53.6% say they have some tools that provide bóth VM and network management. Only 9.1% have deployed full automation for VM management and network infrastructure. 4. 5.)H DESCRIBE YOUR NETWORK OPERATIONS SPEND: AS A RESULT OF DEPLOYING VIRTUALIZATION AND NETWORK OPTIMIZATION, OUR ORGANIZATION. 9.% 54.5% 364% We have şignificantly increased špending in network operations. 64% 234% 11% We have increased some spending in network operations. We have had no increase in spending for network operations. still has challenges to address in application throughput and end-user experience. is fully benefiting from application throughput and end-user experience - no more impróvement is needed. network complexity is causing us serious challenges in application throughput and end-user experienice. 6. )H COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT: WHILE TOOLS LIKE VMOTION AND OTHERS HAVE HELPED TO MANAGE LIVE VMS AND ALLOWED US TO MOVE THEM AROUND AS NEEDED. we still have network headaches .5% and complexities to deal with. we have had unplanned operating 182% expenditures to fix networking uses. 20% 666118 we have had to increase our expenditures for networking. CReraing 264% we don't need to spend any more -all of our data center issues havé gone away. For more information visit 20

Global Data Center Survey

shared by JimMacLeod on Dec 07
Enterasys recently conducted an extensive survey of IT leaders to better understand the connection between data center consolidation and server virtualization. The results are very interesting in term...


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