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Gifts To Impress Yours Techie Crush for Valentine's Day

Gifts to Impress Your TECHIE CRUSH Take a look at these gifts that will make you and your crush "compute" this Valentine's Day FITBIT FORCE WHAT IS IT? This allows you to really take control Mm and monitor your daily health activities. Fitbit Force tracks stats like the amount of calories you've burned, steps taken, and sleep. SEXY TECH SPECS $129.95 Hot Gift For: The techie who is also looking to keep up with their daily health and fitness Syncs with your Bluetooth devices Allows you to track your Alarm clock capabilities and quality of sleep tracking fitness results online with up-to-date graphs POLAR0ID 1OMP INSTANT PRINT DIGITAL CAMERA Z2300W WHAT IS IT? $129.95 New digital Polaroid camera allows you to choose what pictures you want to print out. No more wasting film on accidental shots or pictures you don't want. SEXY TECH SPECS *Polaroid Hot Gift For: Digital, so you can upload your pictures online Comes with a The film acts as Offers the vintage black and white filter for Artists, designers, photographers, creative geeks a sticker (water feature to edit your photographs resistant and printed images tear resistant) GOOGLE CHROMECAST HDMI STREAMING MEDIA PLAVER WHAT IS IT? 9 chrome This Google device allows you to play whatever you are watching on your mobile app on your TV. You can watch applications like Netflix, Youtube, or Google Play on your TV for free. $35 SEXY TEDH SPECS Hot Gift For: Techies who loves the low price Allows you to stream With laptops, you You can use your mobile comforts of home applications without having a streaming device can access Chromecast with no app while streaming to the TV and maintain HDMI cable needed excellent quality IGRILL MINI MEAT THERMOMETER WHAT IS IT? $39.99 This mini meat thermometer takes grilling to the next level: Just insert the probe and let the app do the tracking. SEXY TECH SPECS Choose from a pre-set Allows you to monitor the temperature progress of your meat from your smartphone Temperature LED Indicator, iOS compatible, Bluetooth-enabled Hot Gift For: alarm or create a Pit masters and temperature range alarm for various grilling newbies alike meat-eater specifications PEBBLE SMARTWATCH WHAT IS IT? twelve thirty five This is perhaps the only smartwatch out there designed for regular people that doesn't look like a bizarre arm computer. $150 SEXY TECH SPECS Hot Gift For: Techies who need to keep tabs on time Uses E-ink to help the device last longer without a charge Has a wide range of apps and phone support XBOX ONE $499.99 WHAT IS IT? 4th generation gaming console from Microsoft Highly promoted as e one of the greatest entertainment systems available. SEXY TEDH SPECS Hot Gift For: Gamers in particular, but the Play games, watch movies, Skype, or take part in a host of other options Recognizes voice commands and will act Download the application to control your Xbox with a smartphone Xbox One is so diverse with its entertainment features that it is really built for everyone accordingly IPHONE Ss WHAT IS IT? Apple continues to set standards with their Smartphones and the iPhone 5S is just the most recent addition to their great line of products. SEXY TEDH SPECS $199-$399 Stay connected with your crush in style with these great features: Hot Gift For: Anyone who needs a small, handheld computer that can do it all A better camera Exceptionally fast Very nifty fingerprint Skinnier and better than its hardware processor predecessor censor BOSE SOUNDLINK MINI $199.95 WHAT IS IT? The Bose Soundlink Mini is a small portable speaker that packs a giant punch. BOSE SEXY TECH SPECS Hot Gift For: Music enthusiasts, people who love to sing in the shower Can sync up to 6 devices Delivers excellent Hailed as the You can also sound for up to 7 hours when fully charged best sounding Bluetooth plug-in to the speaker via aux cables speaker BEATS STUDIO WIRELESS WHAT IS IT? The Beats Studio headphones are a powerful piece of listening technology for those who love to hear a solid bass. They are the perfect mix of quality and style. $379.95 SEXY TECH SPECS Hot Gift For: Techies who need to keep tabs on time Noise canceling, These headphones are relatively light and can be adjusted for that custom fit Boasts 20 hours of battery life and 12 hours of so you can concentrate on the music life on Bluetooth PORKFOLIO $49.99 WHAT IS IT? This is a cute Piggy bank that you can control from your Smartphone. SEXY TECH SPECS Hot Gift For: The techie who might not have everything This is the world's You can set goals and track them with your mobile application and get detailed graphs on your progress smartest piggy bank. SOURCE gadets-from-ces-2014.html I

Gifts To Impress Yours Techie Crush for Valentine's Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’ve probably been searching for the perfect gift to give to that one special person in your life. There’s nothing better than giving a gift to you...



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