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Get Your Head Into the Cloud

GETYOUR HEAD INTO THE CLOUD Like a gathering storm, cloud adoption is reaching critical mass 70% of businesses today are using or exploring cloud computing solutions, with 60% listing cloud as their #1 priority. Increasingly, cloud adoption is being thought of as a business decision, extending beyond IT to enable other company functions. WHAT IS THE CLOUD? It's not quite as nebulous as it sounds. The cloud is a network of more than 50 million servers sharing information over fiber optic networks running at 200,000x the speed of your home Internet connection. sa CKspuc NOSTING eloqua Dropbox ORACLE pamazon web services rackspa Software as a Service bbox ios equa ndows Azure intuit. Infrastructure as a Service Servers, networking components, hardware,storage ORACLE zon rackspace Hosted applications ces Platform as a Service Operating systems, computing power IT. Windows Azure intu 67% IS THERE JUST ONE CLOUD? Clouds come in many different formations. Organizations can host a private cloud on their own infrastructure for enhanced of IT Professionals use Cloud Services & Applications security; deploy and scale rapidly on public cloud services; or take a hybrid approach for the best of both worlds. 40% 38% Use Hybrid Cloud Services Use Public Cloud Services 22% 50% Use Private Cloud Services 29% 24% Compound Annual Growth Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud Cloud Rate Through 2017 HOW IS THE CLOUD BEING USED? The sky's the limit when it comes to the cloud's capabilities. Savvy companies are using it for much more than email and messaging applications. Increasingly, the cloud is being leveraged for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) purposes. WITHIN 18 MONT HS WITHIN 18 MONT HS NOW NOW IT Management 87% 54% 86% HR 57% Supply Chain & Logistics Sales & 42% 77% 52% 85% Marketing Office Tools & Customer 51% 85% 51% 85% Productivity Care Finance & Business 41% 76% 41% 76%) Accounting Intelligence WHAT'S THE CLOUD'S SILVER LINING? Businesses are looking to the skies to derive analytical 54% insights from Big Data Better Insight & Visibility 59% 59% to manage future Big Data requirements to share data seamlessly across applications 21% 47% 84% Reported annual savings for moving applications to the cloud Reduced Improved IT operating costs Requirements & Costs Cut application cos ts to facilitate employee mobility & remote access Improved Collaboration & 49% 58% 59% to collaborate across the organization & ecosystem Integration to improve integration between development & operations Improved organizational efficiency 55% Enhanced productivity 80% 80% Productivity & Agility Saw improvements within 6 months Rapid Innovation & 24% 52% to offer addi tional products & services to innovate products & services rapidly Development HOW DO I PREPARE FOR THE CLOUD? 1 2 Make sure you have the right network infrastructure in place. Why is high-speed networking so important? In 2014, a majority of workloads will be processed in cloud data centers for the first time, by 2017 that number will grow to 63%. Thirty-seven percent of IT decision makers list a doud-ready network as the biggest element for doud deployments, ahead of a virtualized data center or service level agreement. To guarantee the seamless flow of data, you're going to need reliable, high-bandwi dth connectivity with symmetrical upload and download speeds. Determine your bandwidth requirements, and set rules for traffic prioritization and quality of service (QoS). Why does bandwidth matter? 45% of organizations cite bandwidth requirements as a barrier to cloud adoption. To capture doud benefits, you need flexible connecti vity that easily scales, with proper QoS configuration to ensure your critical applications receive the prioritization they require. Integra's bandwidth calculator can help you estimate requirements. Evaluate the level of mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and security you need. Why is BYOD security so aritical? 67% of enterprises have plans to issue mobile devices to employees this year. If you're one of them, you'll need to investigate doud-based, multi-platform enterprise mobility management solutions that can help you seamlessly transition to the doud with a simple web-based administrator console to control users and devices in real time. Create an actionable plan, with achievable goals and measures of success. Where should your aim be? Although the temptation may be to "shoot for the stars," you're going to need to be selective. Determine the areas where a migration could have the biggest impact; prioritize those items; and look for the quick wins. Be dear on how your strategy will meet business objectives and what the resource requirements are. Create benchmarks, report on progress, and be prepared to adjust as needed. Ready to get your head into the cloud? Contact Integra to learn more about how you can prepare your GET YOUR HEAD organization to capitalize on cloud opportunities. Integra offers fully-symmetrical data networking and Internet solutions, delivering high-bandwidth Ethernet connectivity over our robust fiber-optic network from INTO THE your business to the cloud. CLOUD Sourcer hts/20 12/03/cloudhere-tostay/ ent/uplonds/2014/01/demystifying the cloud.jpg infographic/ http:s:// etdoc. jep?containerid= prUS24298013 erld=240276 WITH https// etdoc.jap?containerid= prUS23972413 Integra Global/ en/lssuesAndinsig hts/ArticlesPublications/cloud service-providers curvey/ Documents/the cloud-takas chape v4.pdf 10458282035/ in/p hotostream/ cloudcomputingstatistics/ bid/118077/7Stat istics You Didn e-Know About-Cloud-Computing Survey_Rasults.pdf trend continues-in-2014 Saas Paas laas

Get Your Head Into the Cloud

shared by Integra on Apr 02
Cloud adoption is reaching critical mass, with 70% of businesses either using or exploring solutions. 60% of organizations list the cloud as their top priority for 2014, is your organization one of them?




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