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Geothermal 101

GEOTHERMAL 101 One of the most innovative applications of geothermal technologies is ENHANCED GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS (EGS). With EGS, we can use the heat from the earth to generate clean, renewable electricity in areas that lack traditional geothermal systems. EGS technologies utilize directional drilling and pressurized water to capture energy from resources that were once considered uneconomical or unrecoverable. Researchers estimate EGS could provide 100 GW The Energy Department works with industry, academia and National Lab partners to improve EGS technology and speed commercial-scale deployment. or more of COST-COMPETITIVE generating capacity -- enough ehergy to power about 100 MILLION HOMES. HOW DOES EGS WORK? Wells are drilled thousands of feet into the earth -- where temperatures reach upwards of 350°F -- to access the hot rock that makes up the Earth's crust. FACT EGS wells can reach 12,000 FEET IN DEPTH 8 times the height of the Empire State Building. 2 Pumping cold water into the wells causes the hot rock to crack along pre-existing fractures. The water travels through these small fractures and picks up heat. 3 Hot water is pumped to the surface where its pressure is decreased to create steam. This hot steam is used to drive turbines, generating electricity. WHY DOES EGS MATTER? LOCATION, PLANET ENERGY LOCATION FRIENDLY CONSTANT EGS can capture power from anywhere there is sufficiently hot rock -- exponentially increasing the reach of geothermal development in America. With little to no greenhouse gas emissions, EGS has a minimal environmental footprint and is virtually carbon free. EGS supplies energy around the clock, minimizing the need for energy storage technologies. O ENERGY.GOV

Geothermal 101

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America's first commercial-scale enhanced geothermal system (EGS) is up and running. But what exactly is EGS? Our latest infographic explains:


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