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OMG LOL GENERATION TEXTI Teens and Their Texting Habits TTYL :) Which do you prefer... How long do you talk on your cell phone every day? Minutes Calling < 15 29% or 15-30 Texting? 30-45 45-60 (71%) > 60 13% 14% 16% 23% 34% 45% of teens send at least 30 texts a day How often do you send picture messages? What do you usually text about? Just chatting 54% More than 3 a day Making plans with friends 20% 6% Gossip 10% 1-3, a day Flirting 7% 19% Checking in with parents 51% A FEW EVERY MONTH 3% Latest news 3% Never Sports 2% 24% Other 1% While on the When do you text? During a meal 11% computer 18% At home While riding in a car During a movie 17% 10% 28% In class While driving 14% 2% How would you feel if you couldn't text for a day? lab "I wouldn't mind because I have Facebook." teen Can you identify the following text acronyms? What types of apps do you use most? (for smartphone users) YES NO IDK (I don't know) 20% 80% Games 52% 33% BFF (best friends forever) 73% 27% Social networking NVM (nevermind) 30% 35% 56% 70% Entertainment FYI (for your information) 65% 35% 11% 8% Lifestyle ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing) 58% 42% 1% 2% News 143 (I love you) 22% 78% 1% 1% This survey was fielded to 500 American teens through the use of social networks. For complete survey methodology, lab 42 please email us at [email protected]

Generation Text

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Texting is everywhere: the group of friends at a restaurant engrossed in their smartphones with thumbs going a mile a minute, the co-worker smiling down at their phone during a meeting, and you’ve p...



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