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The Geek-Apocalypse

THE GEEK-APOCALYPSE In a world dependent on technology, we take a look at what would happen if all the geeks were to suddenly disappear and the impact this would have on everyday life. EVOLUTION OF THE GEEK Once the butt of jokes, seen to be uncool and nerdy, geeks have evolved to become hot property. If it wasn't for these clever mavericks, life would be very different. So, how has this transformation come about, and why are geeks so important? THE 70s 2016 THE GEEKS THE GEEKS In the past, geeks were ridiculed for their fashion sense, nervous mannerisms, Geeks are cool. The founders of billion-dollar tech start-ups with rockstar status. We all clamber to have the latest sci-fi obsession and video game fixation. Their ideas and visualisation, of a technological future, were feared by many and dismissed as crazy. devices and technology they've invented. Science fiction movies rule the box office and geek-chic is the must-have style. THE WORLD THE WORLD Long before the internet was invented, many businesses refused to buy into the idea that they needed a computer - shrugging digital technology off as a 'passing phase! Technology is at the very centre of our world. The rapid development of new technologies has led to breakthroughs in business, health, entertainment, communications and security. IN A FULLY DIGITAL WORLD WHERE EVERYTHING IS OPERATED BY GEEKS WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THEM? GEEKS ABDUCTED! Alien spaceships have descended on the Earth, abducting every single geek and technologically-minded individual leaving none behind. Reports lead us to believe the abduction is part of a cunning plan to develop the alien world. BREAKING NEWS - GEEKS ARE BEING ABDUCTED WHAT HAPPENS TO US NOW THE GEEKS HAVE GONE? COMMUNICATIONS All communication would become slower and more expensive, reverting to analogue means, such as phones and letters - keeping in touch would become increasingly difficult. Communication breakdown would cause massive problems for domestic living, news, services, business, infrastructure and national security, amongst others. With no-one to design, build and maintain social media platforms, the bank of photos, videos and memories you've stored, would be gone forever. DID YOU KNOW? 30 billion Mobile phone and messaging services would vanish without anyone to maintain the structure. The number of messages sent on the messaging service Whatsapp everyday. Source - RETAIL & COMMERCE 000 In the UK, online sales account for 13% of the total UK economy - and this is expected to increase. With online shopping gone, the economy would suffer massively. Replenishing stock would be more laborious, leading to delays and product shortages in both necessity and luxury products. Road traffic would increase, due to people having to drive to shopping DID YOU KNOW? centres etc - this would mean an increase in pollution and accidents. $88.99 billion Research into making purchases would be more difficult without price eCommerce giant Amazon's total global net revenue made in 2014 alone (dollars). comparison sites, limiting choices and value for money. Source - TRANSPORT & TRAVEL There would be no-one to maintain the technical day-to-day operations of domestic and public transport. Planes and trains, as well as transport infrastructure, are dependent on specialist software. Import and export would be near non-existent. Delivery of necessary foreign goods, such as food, fuel and textiles, would grind to a halt and the global economy would suffer. BOARDING PASS DID YOU KNOW? 228 million Without designers and engineers to work on developing new transport methods, innovation would cease and the market would stagnate. The number of passengers arriving and departing at UK airport terminals in 2013 Source - www.govuk 100 BUSINESS & ECONOMY Businesses wouldn't be able to communicate as efficiently with their audiences, as social media platforms and other online communication channels would disappear. Huge international businesses, dependent on technology would fail, causing huge economic consequences. Millions working in businesses, which are dependent on the internet and technology, would lose their jobs. DID YOU KNOW? £557 billion Purely online businesses, such as Google, Amazon and eBay, would become obsolete within seconds. The 2013 estimated value of total UK The stockmarket would crash as e-commerce sales. This is nearly 20% of all total business turnover. trading becomes increasingly more difficult and slow, once more leading to an economic crisis. Source - THE ABOVE WOULD BE JUST THE START. LOSING THE WORLD'S GEEKS AND THE INTERNET WOULD HAVE MUCH BROADER IMPLICATIONS... CONCLUSION The likelihood of all of geeks disappearing and the internet being lost forever is pretty slim. BUT, what is obvious from our hypothetical scenarios is the importance of geeks in our world! At Comparethemarket, we love geeks and here's what we can offer them. WE LOVE GEEKS! PERFECT PLACE GEEK PERKS Benefits include: an on-site Comparethemarket is perfect for geeks, offering many jobs such as; front-end software At Comparethemarket, we appreciate that without geeks our world would be entirely different, and that they're vital to everything we do! gym, competitive salaries, flexible holiday, games room, and most importantly - huge training and development opportunities! engineer, technical lead, test engineer, hadoop development, and lots more! IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AN EXCITING TECHNICAL CAREER, BE SURE TO VISIT CAREERS.COMPARETHEMARKET.COM Brought to you by comparethe E*" SOURCES / / / / / / / IMll

The Geek-Apocalypse

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