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Futureproof Your Digital Media Strategy

Futureproof Your Digital Media Strategy ... Todays DIGITAL MEDIA Cansumer 50% OWN SMARTPHONES 19WN 100M E 80% TABLET DEVICES HOUSEHOLDS O WORLDWIDE OWN AT LEAST ONE MULTITASK CONNECTED TV WATCHING TV AND IT'S ONLY GOING TO GROW from here . There will be EXCEEDING 10 BILLION THE GLOBAL POPULATION MOBILE CONNECTED DEVICES by 7.3 BILLION 2016 PEOPLE ON EARTH but REACHING all of these consumers is COMPLICATED 44% 20% 34% of all your WEB TRAFFIC is ALREADY 22% O O MOBILE IPHONE IPAD ANDROID FLASH FI 99% on DESKTOPS & LAPTOPS but 0% on İPHONE & IPAD are EVERYWHERE! APPS VIDEO PLAYBACK COMPATIBILITY * Consumers spend MORE TIME USING APPS than mobile Web HTMLS MOBILE WEB = 94 mins per day 74% on 72 mins per day MOBILE APPS = MOBILE DEVICES MAXIMUM REACH REQUIRES FI FLASH HTML5 MOBILE WEB MOBILE APPS FOR ANDROID & IOS ... AND DON'T FORGET SOCIAL & OTT SOCIAL NETWORKS & VIDEO PORTALS VIDEO VIEWING ON GREW OTT & CONNECTED TV SOCIAL [40% THE # OF BASE-INSTALLED GROW y CONNECTED TVs WILL NETWORKS 68% 200M -TO REACH - Facebook is one of the top 3 destinations for online video viewing on the Web AT THE END OF MARCH 2012 IN 2012 and reach is just the start . NOW YOU HAVE TO MONETIZE IT GENERATING REVENUE PAYWALLS TV EVERYWHERE ADVERTISING The # of users watching pay-per-view video on mobile phones and tablets will almost TRIPLE TV Everywhere could add $12 BILLION in annual revenue to the U.S. TV ecosystem in the next 3 to 5 years Online video advertising will be a $9 BILLION market by 2016 between 2012 and 2017 CONTENT PROTECTION PREVENTING PIRACY ACROSS ALL DEVICES 45% OF ADULTS MORE SCREENS MORE OPPORTUNITIES 70% OF 18- TO 29-YEAR OLDS to RIP unauthorized have bought, copied or downloaded unauthorized music, TV shows or movies CONTENT MEASUREMENT Fact An effective Big Data and cross-platform MEASUREMENT STRATEGY enables you to make smart, informed decisions around your monetization and poor data can cost businesses 20% to 35% of their operating revenue! YOU DON'T HAVE TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM all on your owD A new breed of CLOUD-BASED SOFTWARE & SERVICES has emerged – specifically designed to help you succeed WHAT you NEED O online video platform SMART PLAYERS Seamlessly recognize device types and play back content optimized for the screen and platform CROSS-PLATFORM DRM ADVERTISING The foundation for managing, delivering, measuring and monetizing digital Ensure the integrity of your content and business relationships across all formats and devices Support for pre-, mid- and post-roll as well as overlays and integrations with third-party ad networks and servers media across all devices and DEEP ANALYTICS PARTNER ECOSYSTEM platforms Big data architecture and flexible APIS for partner interaction delivers insights into content performance Easy integrations with third party content management systems and audience measurement tools and viewer behavior mobile app platform e The base for building and operating rich native mobile apps that connect consumers with your content PUSH MESSAGING O SUPPORT FOR IOS & ANDROID PARTNER ECOSYSTEM Cost-effectively develop and manage apps for iOS and Android devices with HTML5 with the ability to send targeted notifications Easy integrations with third party ad networks and servers, content management ANALYTICS ollı systems and audience measurement tools Understand app performance and user behavior O cloud-based encoding Tools to rapidly prepare content for delivery to any device or platform ULTRA-FAST PROCESSING to expedite content availability Creation of MULTIPLE FORMATS to support playback at any destination HIGH RELIABILITY to ensure content integrity BEING WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS Good for YOU, Good for YOUR VIEWERS & Good for YOUR ADVERTISERS FOR INFOGRAPHIC SOURCES & PDF DOWNLOAD, VISIT brightcove 82012 Brightcove, Inc.

Futureproof Your Digital Media Strategy

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Outlines the challenges for digital media owners and highlights solutions for success in a complex and fragmented landscape.




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