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Future of RFID

The Future of RFID: Think Big, Yet Simple We live in a multi-scale wireless world. Technologies like 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID, and sensors are coming together in hundreds of ways to create meaningful change in our lives. See how this change has come about and what the future holds. The RFID Market will generate $70.5 Billion from 2012 to the end of 2017 1.5 Billion tags will be applied to apparel by the end of 2012 50 Million electronic devices will be RFID-enabled in 2012 RFID ADOPTION Today, users and consumers are interacting with RFID every day. Businesses are reaping enormous financial benefits by using real-time data, generated by ŘFID systems, to become more intelligent and efficient. The first RFID-enabled toll booth was deployed in Dallas in1989 FAST LANE Retailers report: 1 Cycle count time savings of 96% 1 80% reduction in out-of-stocks 1 14% increase in sales 1 59% reduçtion in inventory carrying costs Airbus reports $3-4M in savings related to warehouse logistics, tool management, and work-in-process tracking Mayo Clinic reports $2M annual savings related to tissue sample management Disney tracks 3M garments (worth $100M) and reports achieving cost savings of more than $1M in less than 1 year Greenville Hospital reports 225 assets récovered and an estimated $30K in labor savings per year POSCO reports annual savings of $16.8M ($1.4M per month) tracking more than 2M steel components Ford Motor Company and Dewalt provide first RFID-enabled trucks, leading to the development of next-generation, in-vehicle visibility solutions CONVERGENCE The convergence of wireless technologies like RFID, GPS, NFC and Wi-Fi will drive the potential to measure, report and monetize a growing number of transactions in the physical world. 2 DISTRIBUTION CENTER WAREHOUSE GPS + RFID expands supply chain and fleet visibility 3 SHOPPING 4 НОМЕ CENTER INTERNET OE THINGS The ease of sharing and acting on real-time information from connected devices lends itself well to many new personal and business applications. ŘEID will be the catalyst for the next phase of the Internet of Things, where the resulting data and new applications will be limitless. In 2008, the number of devices connected to the Internet exceeded the number of people on Earth NFC Smart Posters and mobile marketing could push the non-payment NFC tags market to a $300M per year business by 2016 By 2020, there will be 50B devices connected to the Internet Do you like these jeans??? RFID + Social Media is driving brand loyalty and increasing retailer revenue STORE NFC is automating payments and other consumer actions Cafe' BIG DATA The Internet of Things feeds into the huge amounts of data generated every day. The data can pile up and be useless, or it can be turned into valuable, actionable information for enormous societal impact. In 2010, the size of the digital universe cracked the zettabyte barrier. That would be a giga-giga-kilo or 21 zeroes after 1 or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! IP traffic will reach 68Tbps in 2015, the equivalent of 56,500,000 people streaming internet HD video simultaneously, all day, every day Every 60 seconds: we send 174M emails, tweet nearly 35,000 times, and upload 20 hours of video to YouTube $165B in total sales are missed each year because retailers don't have the right products in stock. Retailers will have to confront waves of new data as RFID becomes widely adopted for inventory management The average amount of data per hospital will increase from 167TB to 665TB in 2015, driven by enormous growth of medical images, electronic medical records, and connected devices 5B subscribers of telecommunications services are demanding unique and personalized offerings that match their individual lifestyles RFID will become a More efficient manufacturing Fewer out-of-stocks platform for driving efficiency across markets Right patient Right drug Right dose Right route Right time ...According to Saugatuck Technology, every business computing category will move to the cloud by 2015 Fewer delays 100 ..view more than 100 other innovative ways in which RFID is being used to automate data collection, identification, and location systems worldwide at: ThingMagic A DIVISION OF TRIMBLE Sources: [1] ABI Research [2] IDC [3] VDC [4] NXP [5] Cisco [6] GigaOm [7] Saugutuck Technology [8] 2011 (9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Future of RFID

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The image visualizes RFID’s Adoption in certain markets, Convergence with other technologies and media like GPS and Facebook, and its role within the Internet of Things and Big Data. The image also ...




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