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The Future Of Reading

THE FUTURE OF BOOKS Print vs Digital We socialize, work, and play games electronically, but when it's time to read for enjoyment, do we prefer the ruffle of our well-thumbed, paper books or a digital experience in the palm of our hand? THE ULTIMATE COMPARISON The print argument The ebook argument Senses Smell Readers love writing in the margins Not everyone enjoys the smell of must and appreciate the physical experience and dust mites of holding a book Hermione may love the smell of new An ebook can be hard on the eyes, and the parchment-but newness wears off feeling of paper cannot be replaced Shareability Convenience Placing a beloved book in a friend's hand doesn't have a digital digital Hefty, paper books aren't always handy 1200-page hardcovers can be a literal pain in the equivalent neck after a marathon rainy-day reading session Grandmother's copy of The Great Gatsby has actual champagne stains Comprehension Practicality Inherent vocabulary builder ebooks are conducive to skimming and distractions 19th-century period pieces have many bygone Paperbacks can't receive 20 messages words where built-in dictionaries are a must in < 10 minutes from a crazy ex Theft-resistant Accessibility Paper books are affordable and easily attainable Anywhere, anytime, any place gets two thumbs up Feel free to play in the surf, while your summer Bookshops on your trek through Argentina's wine beach read rests in the shade country don't always have a plethora of books in your native tongue FUTURE CLIMATE Will print books ride out the tech wave? 2008-2010: ebook sales skyrocketed 1,260% following the release of improved ereaders Analysts predicted that ebooks would push print overboard by 2015 2015: Battered booksellers were on the rebound, and 10% of ebook sales dropped by mid-year American Booksellers Association members grow 2500 2,227 2000 1,712 1,610 1,410 BOOKS 1500 OPEN PRINT ISN'T DEAD! 2015 Nielsen BookScan rankings 1000 showed a blockbuster year for print 2% ANNUAL INCREASE of paper book sales 500 Members Store locations I 2010 I 2015 BUT WHAT IS KEEPING PRINT PUBLISHING AFLOAT? $$$ Publishers pushed for higher ebook prices, driving readers to paper Go Set a Watchman, 5 out of the top PewDiePie, By January 2016, Harper Lee's To Kill 10 Amazon YouTube video close to 45% of a Mockingbird prequel, sold 761k print copies in its first 6 days on best-selling US game vlogger, Kindle's ebook books were adult hit #1 on the NYT unit sales were coloring books in bestseller list with independently the shelf December 2015 his book of illustrated, published "inspirational" quotes THE BOOK FORMAT BREAKDOWN 80 – 70 - 60 - 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10 - 2011 2012 2014 2015 In any format Print book ebook Audio book In the end, book people are hybrid readers that shift with the times, and it's clear it's all about the storytelling, not the format. MAKE A BOOK. LEAVE YOUR MARK. blurb Turn your ideas into professional print books, magazines, or ebooks for iPad and Kindle. Sources: NOWSOURCING % of books read by format

The Future Of Reading

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Are ebooks the future of reading? Not necessarily, as it turns out.




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