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The Future of Marketing

O objective Strategy | Creative | Digital The future of Marketing We look at how the future of marketing will be (and already is) shaped by advances in emerging technologies. Voice AI The huge range of gadgets integrated with Amazon Alexa (everything from fridges to TV's) has shown that it is the market leader in voice AI. Rivals include brands such as Google, Microsoft & Apple. 1% 30% 2020. This will rise to of new gadgets are currently voice-activated. by Voice search on the world wide ueb is becoming more and more popular. It is predicted that is will overtake regular typed searches in the near future, and companies will focus their efforts to be the top of any voice search relevant to their market. Face & Gesture Recognition More & more technologies are beginning to adopt facial & gesture tracking. Netatmo, an outdoor camera can distinguish between people, animals & cars. Such technologies will enable retailers to capture and examine data, which can then provide personalised recommendations for products based on current emotions or actions of the consumer. Security & Privacy With an increasing number of computers and devices connected to the internet collecting and storing vast amounts of user data, security and privacy is more important than ever. Yahoo, Verizon, Dropbox & the Democratic National Committee were targeted through privacy issues & hacking in 2016. I1 billion globally connected devices today, will increase to 80 billion PRIVACY BREACHED by 2025. Security and priacy needs to be taken seriously by marketers. Marketers should respect data protection and the indivicual when collecting data through internet connected devices and platforms. Automation & Connection Companies are evolving into smart-technology companies with an aim to make our lives easier through connecting utilities & automation. The Panasonic smart kitchen is a digital kitchen wall "SPAGHETTI TONIGHT?" which includes video recipes according to the contents of your fridge. Automation is changing the world for both the marketer and the consumer. The businesses we work in must change to become data led and technologically advanced.

The Future of Marketing

shared by ObjectiveCreative on Aug 01
We look at how the future of marketing will be (and already is) shaped by advances in emerging technologies.




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