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The future of Input Technology

The Future of Input Technology The 10 technologies that are changing your daily life ...whether you notice it or not! Touchscreen A display screen that detects the presence of touch when it comes into contact with the display area. Facial Detection Determines the locations and sizes of human faces in digital images with the use of cameras. 3 Gesture The method of computers recognising human body language through cameras or sensors. Eye Tracking A measurement of eye activity through light sources and cameras to provide eye behaviour analysis as an alternative to 'cursors'. 5 Pen Device An input device to capture realistic information, such as handwriting or brush strokes, which will then be turned into digital data. Spatial Capture 6. The process by which data is collected in order to give a thorough understanding of what is contained in a geographic location. Thermal Imaging (1 A method of improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by creating an image based'on infrared radiation. User Identification 8 way of identifying which specific user is interacting with the technology, through a unique feature such as a thumbprint. A Voice Voice or speech recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive and interpret dictation, or to understand and carry out spoken commands. Keyboard & Mouse (10 The most common form of communication between humans and computers. Brought to you by andersDX, specialists in User Interface technology and dedicated to optimising the User Experience of non-consumer devices. andersdx

The future of Input Technology

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A look at the 10 input technologies that are changing our daily lives, whether you've noticed them or not!




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