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The Future of Home Entertainment: Never Leave Your House

Never Leave YOUR COUCH The Future of Home Entertainment The future of home entertainment has arrived. Leading tech companies like Microsoft are creating new devices at their Envisioning Center like the Magic Window- making your walls into screens. You have the power to convert your living room into the ultimate entertainment center, right at your fingertips. Here's how: POCKET GADGETS: THE AGE OF THE WEARABLES The Incredibles weren't too far off from what super gadgets of the future would look like. Let's take a look at how far we've come since the first calculator watch in 1975. THE WEARABLES PROFILE: EVOLUTION 2013 1 in 6 consumers own a wearable tech (fitness bands, smart watches, Google glass) 61% WATCHES VS. SMART PHONES 25.8% 8.5% 3.5% productivity increase job satisfaction increase A $700 MILLION Wearable tech on employees INDUSTRY 14 171 MILLION MILLION 69% 56% 2011 2016 Sales Projection Interest in Wearable Tech HOME ENTERTAINMENT TECH We are all multi-screeners in this day and age. These pocket gadgets have combined the remote control and the Internet to make our lives easier when controlling what we see on the big screen: SMART WATCH SMART PHONE TABLETS GOOGLE GLASS DEVICES Remote control + Internet Communication + Information BENEFITS Transportability Insta-connect Search engine Calls & Texts Video Chat Social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat) (Facetime, Skype) TELEVISION: THEN & NOW Percentage of U.S. households with TV VCR 90% (1976) 1950 2014 of all media interactions are 9% 97% screen based DVD (2003) Transition Time 4.4 HRS SMART TV Black & White to Color: of leisure time per screen in front of 10 YEARS (2012) screens TV viewing TV viewing 4.5 hrs/day 8.5 hrs/day E-MEDIATE NOTIFICATION Being in the know is our generation's ideal state of being. Here are devices that will always keep you up to date on everything: from day-to-day necessities, to new movies, to even paying your bills! ON-DEMAND: Watch new releases the day they premiere SMART TV DEVICES MULTI-SURFING: Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon, The Weather, Rhapsody, Ebay, Skype, etc. The Internet refrigerator tells you SMART REFRIGERATOR What Which When RECIPES PRODUCTS ARE PRESENT in your fridge FOOD ITEMS are possible from your current supply need to be stocked EXPERIENCE: IT TAKES TWO OR MORE The new consumer is more about sharing their experiences than going solo. This is why concerts, comedy shows, and live events are selling tickets fast! LIVE PERFORMANCE TICKET SALES $4 billion industry Growth: 5% a year Attendance is up 18.5% (2012-2013) People prioritize the experience, share it with your family and friends, and have it sound and look amazing with these technologies: HOME AUDIO SYSTEMS GLYPHS Like the Google Glass, but for video games, this device allows you to feel like you're within the game, running, jumping, driving cars, and more. Make your home a concert venue or a movie theatre! Surround sound audio systems are the new staple to a home entertainment system. With all the advancements in home entertainment, your couch might be the best place to be on this earth. Sources COURTS Bringing Value Home YOU ARE HERE

The Future of Home Entertainment: Never Leave Your House

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Digital media is changing the landscape of entertainment. Pocket gadgets provide greater functionality, and therefore more entertainment options, than traditional devices. As people demand greater val...



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