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The Future of Cloud Technology

monocept“ THE FUTURE OF CLOUD TECHNOLOGY "Cloud is the new normal for businesses of every size. It's no longer a question of 'if,' but 'how fast can we move' and 'what are we moving first". 97% of IT managers By 2020, Nearly 85% will be in the cloud of Enterprise workload plan to invest in a multi-platform strategy by 2024 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service 87% About a third of the company's have a hybrid cloud strategy 90% IT budget is spent on cloud services of global enterprises will rely on the hybrid cloud by 2022. 6 KEY TRENDS IMPACTING CLOUD COMPUTING ORGANIZATIONS MIGRATING CAN CHOOSE 5 CLOUD COMPUTING OPTIONS Artificial intelligence engineering, Quantum computing, automation, security and cloud compliance, Internet of Things (loT), and Serverless investments are rising. #1 #2 Public and private cloud spending increased by 34.4% from the previous year, while non-cloud IT spending declined by 8% Public cloud Private cloud Operations managed by third-party ownership Performed by individual businesses on a private IT infrastructure #3 #4 Over $1.3 Trillion in IT spending will be impacted by the shift to the cloud by 2022 and Hybrid cloud Community cloud Combining private and public cloud computing to gain the best of both worlds. Cloud owned by the government for a single country Worldwide spending on public cloud services will double to about $500 billion by 2023 #5 Gaming is increasingly delivered from the cloud, just like music and movies Multi-cloud Using multiple cloud services from one or more Enterprises will retool their cloud management processes, adopting augmented reality tools for training and gilding cloud technical staff. cloud providers Global migration goes beyond technology. It affects: WHY INVEST IN CLOUD MIGRATION? Business (Migration Business case) Discovery & Business Practice-proven migration approach engagement Cloud optimization is the primary reason for 47% of enterprise's cloud migration Security & Compliance Operating models People (Skills/Center of Excellence) MAJORITY OF CLOUD MIGRATION INVESTMENTS GOES INTO Saas - 89% Inline processes involved in cloud migration (data deduplication, compaction, adaptive compression) works together to reduce storage footprint and enable faster data transfer Efficient collaboration across different locations Software applications accessible via web browsers Governance (Migration Plan & Change Management laaS - 20% Cloud services for networking hardware, data storage disks, and virtualization servers. Paas - 61% Superior backup solutions and disaster recovery Cloud services for operating systems, databases, program execution environment, and web server Eliminates steep set-up and maintenance costs The right cloud migration solution will fit your requirement, applications, security parameters, and operational High-availability infrastructure and lower downtime by maintaining two storage environment standards Ability to scale up or down quickly Automatic updates to your technology READY FOR THE Business continuity NEXT STEP? $7.1BN the help you need and move to the cloud with confidence. We help you migrate to the cloud safely to increase your competitive edge, uniock business value and modernize your infrastructure. GLOBAL CLOUD AT A CAGR OF ABOUT MIGRATION SERVICES WILL GROW TO 24% BETWEEN 2020 - 2024

The Future of Cloud Technology

shared by monoceptseo on May 24
Cloud is a new normal for any business, know the key trends impacting cloud computing. Know the reasons why organization investing in cloud migration.


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