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Future Challenges in Computer Science

1010010011101010010 D00101 101001010011011100101 1011101100101 iD 011 01. 10TSO 011101010010 01010000 1010 1010 11011 10100Y0011101010010 FUTURE JTI 00010 11011101011 11101010010 11011101 11100111010010011100 11011 01011 D011/01 11011101011 CHALL ENGES 10 D01 1010 T010 000101 IN - COMP UTER SCIEN CE FOO 11011 11011 1010 10 0010011101010010 1010 D 1001 D0010r L 1010010011101010010 0111010il 1 1011101011 11011101011 1010 11011101011 11011 100 011101011 11011 1101110 1011 11011 11011101011 uliliılmı 1011 TOTO 11011101011 11011 1010 11011 D100100111010TS010 Many companies are facing issues with employees bringing their oun personal devices to work in favor of company-provided devices. MOBILE & CLOUD COMPUTING Always connected Always on Limited battery power Always with us BENEFITS CHALLENGES Convenience, Limited computing location-based power vs desktop services Payments Ticketing Used by the global population MOBILE CLOUD COMPUTING Applications and services available in the cloud Be are becoming increasingly available, and are expected to continue to evolve and adapt You Tube BENEFITS OF BENEFITS OF MOBILE + CLOUD CLOUD COMPUTING 54.5% COMPUTING Makes mobile devices more 54.3% powerful by allowing them access to cloud resources. AGILITY ТOР REASONS FOR CLOUD ADOPTION SCALABILITY Clouds are accessible by mobile devices 21 Faster loading of Apps = Longer battery power Data storage 25% MOBILITY లాలో Seamless working integration of Mobile and Cloud CHALLENGES FOR MOBILE + CLOUD Accessed anywhere COMPUTING Phone Current Location e 82° 29' 56° Computing on-demand Auto-scaling Protecting mobile user's location data is a privacy Point where hackers can take advantage of sensitive issue Fault tolerance Save money RFID THE NEW INTERNET The Internet of Things is an infrastructure of uniquely identified objects in the Internet or tied to the lInternet, such as with RFID or QR codes - both of which USEFUL BENEFITS OF INTERNET OF THINGS Examples of "things"or machines communicating with each other (M2M) that would contribute to the are becoming more prevalent with mobile devices. Internet of Things include almost anything that can be attached with a sensor, be it short range or long range, from smartphones to cars to satellites. 100 BILLION BY 2020 ■ 露 週 圖 ■ By 2020, it is projected that there could be up to 100 billion uniquely identifiable objects connected to the Internet. SMART CITIES ВETTER I. M. HEALTHCARE MobilityFirst NSF Aims to restructure the architecture keeping mobile platforms and wireless medium as the primary consideration, making the structure's functionality revolve around mobile use. The current Internet The National Science Foundation was not designed for the scale and (NSF) is sponsoring several projects in an attempt to address this infrastructure issue dynamic nature of the Internet of Things Named Data Networking (NDN) Proposes to structure the architecture NEBULA Focuses on the emerging cloud computing significance as the primary driving force, thus creating an architecture that features high-speed, reliable data centers, increased security, & utilizes multipath routing. such that data is named so that the content or "what" becomes the primary way data is accessed rather than connecting through location or "where" (e.g. IP addresses). ChoiceNet Inspired by economic principles, ChoiceNet aims to build a network architecture providing multiple alternatives, thus focusing on choice to maximize usability. eXpressive Internet Architecture (XIA) XIA attempts to integrate multiple important uses for networks into a single network that offers support for every major utility plus future unknown ones by creating a dynamic architecture. TOP THREATS Top threat and vulnerability concerns shared by security professionals due to the rise in technology The advent of the Internet of Things will also bring a considerable need for increased security measures for privacy and confidentiality 69 67 66 56 49 44 43 concerns. OUT OF 5 Sensitive data leaks The exposure of confidential information to unauthorized systems are highly significant concern With the rapidly growing data traffic comes an increased Small, simpler solutions include identifying and removing bottlenecks, improving bad or sloppy routing paths, and utilizing better servers with improved space and bandwidth usage SOLUTION need for speed, scale and mobility SOLUTION Another solution is to use the network smarter with < the help of software-defined networking that allocates network resources and increases data efficiency SOLUTION 3 When both of those are exhausted and the rapid data growth exceeds the speed and resources available now, therewill be calls for changes to the global networking architecture - changing the 10GB fiber optic cables in place to 100GB fiber optic cables 0111010100 01001110 1010010011101010010 1010 1101110101 11011 1010n010011 101010010 11011101011 110111O1011 1010 1010 101010010 O 11011 100 1100100110110o011000101001101 11011 101001011 1010 010 01100010110100101001101 011 11011 11011 10 3 11 Big Data is so 001000 10 1011 101011 101010010 o1o0011omassive that it outpaces 101110101 0 O 1 1o 0011 1010 001001000110 010001001 human understanding 10 1010 DI011 o 0jand technology 10 O010001 11011 1 011 1010010 01010010 (101011 1010 011 101 DIO 010 BIG DATA 11011 01011 I01 DIO no11101010010 D001O 010010100110 110 1010 11010100701101 I0 11011 1010 1010010 110 1101 010 HOW BIG IS 1 EXABYTE? 11 11011 11 10 11 10011011001011 O 11011 11101011 10101001110101001 110 11011 101110101 010 1010 1101. 11011 11011 11 11 101011 40 Trillion D00101TUTO010 110111010 1111 O11101011 01110110 10100 1 0011 101 001010011 11011 1 Exabyte (EB) is equal to 1 Billion Gigabyte (GB) 11 10 1010 Gigabytes if distributed 110111 aOID101110108P11101001001110010 1001001 1 1010 1101110101 101 1010 11011 1010 01 10111010 110 1101 11001001 101110101 11 1011101011001001101 00101 101001 IO 1010 1010 1101110101111011 1010010 11011 to world's 40,000 1010 Exabytes is equal to 40 Trillion 10111010,'di01 population in 2020 The International101819010011. Data Corporation Činri91611 estimates that by 2020, as much as 33% of the digital universe will contain information 1010 91811 1101 110 5,200+ 5,200+ GB 5,200+ GB GB Gigabytes 33% that might be valuable if analyzed That's more than 5,200 Gigabytes for every man, woman, and child! 2005 2020 FROM 2005 TO 2020 THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE WILL GROW FROM 130 EXABYTES TO 40,000 EXABYTES T010 םסו ם 1ם1 101 ACCESSING DATA IS 10101100 0 CHANGING Clustered databases both for storage TYPES OF DATA ARE 1010 BECOMING MORE COMPLEX and access are emerging JU 1010010 1010 11011101011 10 Unstructured text, audio, 110 Improving data mining tools and techniques will be essential in order to video, and other forms 1010010011101010010 LT 1010 improve processing and analyzing the information available 1010010 1010 11011101011 1010 11011 110 1101011001001101 11011101011 1010 DI0011 100 101001001101010010 0111010100 11011 L010 10 11011 1011 1010 10100 100101001101 1010 in Big Data 0111011 101011 1010 1010 י ae 1 ao 1 1 1oe1 1 םם 1010 11011101011 11011 1101 0101010 101 11011 00 l0010 DD10010001101101100100010 O0 11011 1011 1101111011101011 11011 11011 1010 TUI0 1010 1010 1101011 1010010011101010010 1101 1010 0011101010010 11011 11011 1010 1010 11011101011 11011 11011 11011101011 D010001 1010 1011 110 011101011 1010 11011 1010 00100010001010 I11 11011 1010010011101010010 10 11011 UT0 00110100101001 11011 1010 111 1010 110 11101011 010 11011 1210 A1c1 1 10110 01ו1a1 1 ao1 1 10 101001 1010 000101101001010011011100101101110 1011 1010010011101010010 11011 1010 11011 11011101011 1010 1010010011101010010 11011101011 1010 11011101011 11011 D00101 0100101001101110010110111011001O110101101 1011 010010011101010010 B81001 110101001L11 Reduce energy use by 87% ( or 23 Billion Kilowatt hours per year ) 年 Environmental benefits ( Reduced Carbon footprints ) Increased staffing = more jobs Big Data and the growing digital universe will also 44 Million jobs by 2015 have unpredictable consequences similar to the Enhanced Healthcare Internet of Things Natural & Technological NETWORKING Disaster readiness High cost of implementation CLOUD COMPUTING AREAS WHERE MAJOR IMPACT IS EXPECTED Heavy network workload Integration with existing architecture Data loss, security and privacy risks SECURITY Interoperability Data that requires protection Risk of intellectual property theft BY 2020, THE DATA THAT REQUIRES PROTECTION IS GROWING FASTER BY 40% THAN THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE ITSELF THE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION IN 40% THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE “TOUCHED" BY CLOUD COMPUTING PROVIDERS Growth speed of digital universe BY 2020 Big Data is still so large that it poses problems, such as dealing with and attempting to compare a large percentage of unique values Learning new software specifically designed to efficiently deduce insight Learning new machines that derive useful New 3D imaging techniques and immersive telecommunications may play a part in helping to visualize Big Data and glean insights knowledge from Big Data Visualization has been shown to be an effective tool not only for presenting essential information in vast amounts of data but also for driving complex analysis 不 IMPROVING THE Just as the rest of the world is producing large amounts of data, improved experiments and health technology are producing more data that is too complex WORLD'S HEALTHCARE PREDICTING OUTBREAK early identification contain its spread and allocate resources more effectively CLINICAL ARCHIVING PREVENT HOSPITALIZATION for traditional data helps accurate diagnosis and decrease unnecessary Big Data predicts when you are likely to get sick; track patients and advise you so as not to get so sick analysis procedures Each year more than 600 million diagnostic images are taken in the U.S. alone. Dengue infects 100million Malaria infects 200million people each year worldwide Diagnostic images are X-Rays, MRI's and CT scans SOME OF THE IMMEDIATE BENEFITS OF BIG DATA TO HEALTHCARE As researchers learn more about DNA and its link to things like genetic diseases, having accessible sequencing could have a profound role in guiding diagnoses and treatments GENOMICS AND Sequencers are becoming increasing smaller and less expensive, which could lead to "wearable sequencing" that could enable genomically informed medicine BIOINFORMATICS GENOMICS Combine DNA sequencing with Bioinformatics to sequence, assemble, and analyze the function and structure of genomes. BIOINFORMATICS Is an interdisciplinary field that develops and improves on methods for storing, retrieving, organizing and analyzing biological data. Assembly of the human genome is one of the greatest achievement of Bioinformatics. PHYSICS BIOLOGY ENGINEERING INFORMATICS The publicly available human is a wealth of information for researchers working on a range of topics from cancer to rare diseases as well as pharmaceutical companies, but processing the information may require someone trained in both biology and computational analysis genome SOME OF THE CHALLENGES UNIQUE TO HEALTHCARE HUMAN ERROR DATA FRAGMENTATION Large fraction of critical data still rely heavily on human entry who unintentionally and intentionally introduce systematic errors Incomplete data are common in clinical practice. Incomplete data, like inaccurate data can be harmful to patient care Disclaimer: The logos shown here are from their respective owners, and that their appearance are for illustrative purposes only. SOURCES CREDITS article&urITitle=green-computing%3A-a-dual-technology-for-cloud-computing-and-hpc Data Fragmentation Mobile Payment Benny Forsberg from The Noun Project Phone locked Bioinformatics Fault-Tolerant Visualization Diego Naive from The Noun Project Stethoscope Connie Shu from The Noun Project DNA Strains Mosquito Edward Boatman from The Noun Project Bacteria Maurizio Fuzzillo from The Noun Project iPhone Luis Prado from The Noun Project Oil Rig Gabriele Malaspina from The Noun Project NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology Edward Boatman from The Noun Project Pill Shirley Wu from The Noun Project Squat Ben Doherty from The Noun Project Person Paulo Sá Ferreira from The Noun Project Energy Volodin Anton from The Noun Project CLOUD COMPUTING MOBILE PRIVACY & SECURITY INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE THE INTERNET OF THINGS DATA MINING NETWORKING & SPEED DATA VISUALIZATION IMPACT OF DIGITAL UNIVERSE & BIG DATA HEALTHCARE, GENOMICS & BIOINFORMATICS HEMISTRY 130 EXABYTES APPLICATION VULNERABILITIES MALWARE HHE MOBILE DEVICES 2. HACKERS CLOUD-BASED CONTENT SERVICES CYBER TERRORISM HACKTIVISTS 000'0 EXABYTES al *BY PERCENTAGE

Future Challenges in Computer Science

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Computer Science: Facing Challenges and Improving the World Computer science is faced with many challenges as the digital universe expands. From mobile and cloud computing to data security, addressin...


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