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Funny Facts from Telecom Industry

FUNNY FACTS FROM TELECOM INDUSTRY. AHOY! TASTY WIRES Thanks to Thomas Edison Telephone wires we are greeting each other by telephone, saying "Hello" instead of "Ahoy" suggested by were ranked according to how tasty they were to rats and mice. O O Alexander Graham Bell. A. BELL MAKE IT SHORT "Watson come here, I want you!" - was the first phone call, made in "Make it short" was hung beside all the public telephones in Germany between the years 1930 and 1970. German style! 1876 in Boston between Alexander Bell and his assistant T. Watson. FIRST SMS AGENT O07 "Merry Christmas"-was the first mobile phone text, sent 21 years ago by Neil Papworth via PC (at that time mobile phones didn't have keyboards). The Eriesson JB988 was the first cell phone used by James Bond in 1997 in "Tomorrow Never Dies". 26,7M PHONE POCKET CLOCK The most expensive mobile phone in the world carries a £6.7million price tag. It's a version of the iPhone and is made from solid gold, encrusted with 500 diamonds Surprisingly, the most common use for a mobile is neither texting nor calling but checking the time! IBM SIMON MOTHER'S DAY Americans make an average of 11% more calls on Mother's IBM Simon, which was released in 1993 was the first smart-phone. It had calendar, fax, touch sereen and a host of other features. day compared to other holidays: MOTHER'S DAY VALENTINE'S DAY 27.9% NEW VEAR 28.% SOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT VOIP Gangsters and drug dealers use chats on VolP games and it is getting While Email Spam is text and images, SPIT (spam Wi Fi over Internet telephony) is strietly voice spam sent over telephone networks. The first VolP call was made in December of 1974, on the ARPANET- Asterisk really difficult for the the precursor to today's Internet. police to track such deals. 01 - 02-03 - 04 – 05 Anybody can start it's own VolP services using Asterísk - an open source VolP software created by Mark Spencer in 1999. The FCC wants to make Wi-Fi available for free to all Americans. If this happens, then most of Americans can make free calls using VolP features over nationwide Wi-Fi. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: G+: VOICEBUY Voip Solutions for Business Seurces: Mttps://smallbuslnessyahoa.con/advisor/6-fun-facts-dide-t-know volo-isteraet 044555177atml http://Mirtual-phane-system.bestrwviews.aut/fe-fun-facts-about-volal http://www.voiprview.arg/blogs/ive-fun-facts-about-velp

Funny Facts from Telecom Industry

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We at Voicebuy have collected some interesting, funny and amusing facts from telecom industry and vizualized them in form of an infographic.






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