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Freelance revolution

The Freelancing has been a profession for centuries, but is now revolutionizing the workforce. Originally, freelancers were pri- marily journalists, couriers and mercenaries, but with the evolu- tion of the internet, the freelancing revolution is creating an entirely new batch of employees. The internet removes boundaries of dis- tance so a team of employees can live a world apart and yet work to- gether with no restrictions. Internet billing and payment systems make trans- actions quick and easy, creating a global payroll system. The open market of freelancers provides anyone with an internet connection the ability to find work and, in turn, employers have a world full of potential employees so they can find the best qual- ity work at the best price. WHO IS FREELANCING? [August 2011] 14 million the number of workers who are self-employed, not incorporated 1 in 9 The workers who are self-employed as of 2009 (includes those incorporated). 2.4 million the number of people who considered 153.2 themselves independent contractors, or freelancers million the number of people in America's labor force [July 2011] WHO ARE FREELANCERS? Older workers are enjoying the flexibility of independent contracting: Indipendent Contractor - Traditional Employment 100 % 94.2 92.8 90.6 90.3 89.6 10.3 million 87.6 80 % 79,3 the number 60 % of independent contractors. 40 % 5.9 20 % 16.9 million 8.0 9.7 6.8 4.4 1.6 1.8 the number of people who work at home. Age 16-19 20-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ WE ARE HAPPIER! Fewer than 1 in 10 independent contractors said they would prefer a traditional work arrangement. M CAN I MAKE A LIVING AS A FREELANCER? Employment hours used by the professional and business sector for temporary help services from 2001 to 2011: The average freelance salary in 2010 The average USA income in 2010 $149,084,258.00 $68,000 $46,800 Money earned by freelancers from three of the top freelance websites 30,390,000 27,024,000 2001 2010 That is 1% of the national debt 2002 2009 2008 2007 23,702,500 28,517,700 2003 ....... 30,528,800 28,914,100 WHO IS HIRING FREELANCERS? Top industries for independent contractors IT (i.e.: web programming, software development) Top industries for independent Creative services (i.e.: writing, design, photography, graphics.) contractors Marketing (i.e.: Data Entry, research, admin support) Sales Operations (i.e.: Data Entry, research, admin support) EDUCATION: HELP WANTED! Hiring freelancers may get you a more educated employee. 36% 2,475,669 Hiring freelancers may get you a more educated employee. Jobs posted per year from three of the top freelance websites 33% Traditional employees with Bachelor's degree: 14,000,000 Unemployed persons in the U.S. WHERE ARE FREELANCERS? The top five outsourcing countries: THE FREELANCERS' ROLE The top freelancing IN SMALL BUSINESS EXPENSES countries: Amount Saved by Freelancers US O India NZ ZA UK Rent, utilities and employee C Pakistan turnover Commuting India Bangladesh $190 100 billion hours Canada US Australia Philippines THE UNITED STATES AT A GLANCE THE METEORIC RISE OF FREELANCING IN THE US Numbers of individuals employed as "temporary, freelance, or flexible workers" California 1990 - 2008 897,786 568,267 492,390 396,904 Техas New York 261,569 261,799 however, New York holds the #1 spot for online jobs in IT and Marketing. West Midwest South +88% +117% +126% Sources: 2011 US Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, CreditDonkey Telecommuting by the Numbers: April 2010, Salary information from, Combined data from online sites: odesk, elance, and 2006 2005 33,765,800 31,033,500 34,285,800 33,141,700

Freelance revolution

shared by Marcogiannini on Apr 02
This recent close up over the Freelancing world has been published on creditdonkey site today, on 26th of October, 2011 here:


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