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Framing the End of the World

FRAMING THE END OF THE WORLD HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS OF A ZOMBIE APOCALPSE AND LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT SMILE! Here is a guide tor you budding photographers out there, to survive the Zombie Apocalypse while doing everything to get those iconic shots. THE RULES HAVE CHANGED! LOOT AWAY You can always loot for anything you don't have from an abandoned electronics store, but don't get greedy, speed is very important! LOOT DONT BE OVERZEALOUS: You can always loot for anything you don't have from an abandoned electronics store, but don't get greedy, speed is very important! THE NECESSARY GEAR CAMERA GLASSES Pivothead glasses will capture every- thing that you point and click misses! FLASH Canon or Nikon Wireless Flash. CAMERA BODY If possible, have 2 (Canon & Nikon). Fast paced shooting has no time for changing lenses. Manual Controls: • Focus • Aperture • ISO • Shutter Speed TWO ZOOM LENSES • Wide Angle Zoom: 28mm-70mm • Telephoto Zoom: 70mm-300mm * No Prime Lenses (No flexibility) Filters and Lens Hoods • Polarizing (Filter) • Warming (Filter) • UV (Filter) • Lens Hoods TRIPOD Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod for its lightweight and extreme durability. CAMERA BAG Have a large enough bag to carry your cameras, as well as food and water for 2 days, in case you get stranded away from basecamp. BE RESOURCEFUL! Do a Lot With What You've Got! No Weapons? Use Camera Gear: FLASH TRIPOD A remote flash can be thrown Not only can it steady a shot, it can be used to bludgeon zombies that get too close. as a flash grenade, and used to distract zombies while you escape. ADDITIONAL TIPS IT IS NO LONGER "ANYTHING FOR THE SHOT" WW This isn't nature photography. Zombies are blood- thirsty, mindless, monsters. The shot is important, but your life is more important. BUDDY SYSTEM If possible, shoot with a partner on lookout. Two sets of eyes are better than one. MAKE USE OF THE TIME YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN Make sure you know how to use your cameras self-timer so if a friend is bitten, you can get in one last group photo before bludgeoning their head in. POST NOT AN OPTION You won't have access to steady electricity or fancy computers, so “fixing in post" is nothing but a dream: White Balance: Get it right the first time! Warm Filters: To balance out the zombie-ish hues. • Saturation: To add vibrancy to the morbid images. FLASH ALARM Setting up a camera outside of your hideout, with a sensor and flash, will act as an alarm system and capture photos of approaching zombies in their natural state. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE Using a telephoto lens will allow you to capture crisp images of far away zombies eating brains, while your brains are kept safe! BAN DOUBLE TAP BANGE Kill zombies twice and save photos twice! It is always the best bet to double tap! Ultimately, if you want any of these images seen, you have to live through the zombie apocalypse. So our final advice to you is: Stay alive! LATER! 作 t RESOURCES focus

Framing the End of the World

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How to take photos of a zombie apocalypse and live to tell about it.




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