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Five Weird Energy Sources

G WEIRD ENERCY SOURCES Scale: 1000 microwatts = 1 milliwatt 1000 milliwatts 1 watt What's a watt? n. measurement of power 1000 watts - 1 kilowatt 1000 kilowatts 1 megawatt (1 million watts) to achieve an amount of work to be done over a period of time. 1000 megawatts = 1 gigawatt (1 billion watts) 5. TEGwear Perpetua Power has invented a 1 square inch thermoelectric generator that converts body heat into electricity when placed against your skin. Most importantly, the device could potentially be used to power medical devices such as Pacemakers or Artificial organs How much energy will it harness? One generator outputs up to 3 volts, about Pacemakers and Artificial organs require 1-20 microwatts 750 MICROWATTS which isn't much, of energy but it might be enough. If every adult in the U.S. wore one TEGwear generator they would generate WATTS of power 179,637 A physical button, connected via 4. Ecobutton USB, to power down a device. USB The Ecobutton powers dowm PCs or laptops to their lowest energy-sapping level. PC energy soving device Desktops use 100-330 watts Laptops use 15 - 45 watts ecobutton ecobutton LITE When the Ecobutton is used on a desktop for 4 hours per day, in 1 year it would save up to ecobutton r 473 KILOWATTS Not to mention, save 215 KG of CO, per year emissions 2012 US shipments: 6.8 million If just those computers were to use an ecobutton for 4 hours a day, collectively they could save up to: laptops $891 million 2.14 billion KG of CO, from being released 23.8 million desktops THROUGH ENERGY COSTS 3. SOCCKET A portable generator in the form of a size 5 soccer ball. One Soccket generator outputs 6 WATTS of energy How does it work? Its internal mechanism takes the kinetic energy from rolling and converts and stores it as electrical energy. With just a few minutes of play, the included LED lamp can be plugged into the ball to provide hours of light. Which is enough electricity to power more than If everyone in El Salvador kicked a soccer ball for 1 hour a day 67,000 They would generate 37.4 MEGAWATTS HOMES in Latin America for one hour. of power The SOCCKET weighs Water 17 A normal soccer ball weighs 16 OUNCES NEVER DEFLATES resistant shell OUNCES 2. Epiphany onE Puck In 2013, in the United States, there are an estimated A drink coaster that charges your cellphone. 169.5 million regular coffee drinkers who consume, an average of 3.1 CUPS Works with hot and cold drinks! of coffee per day If those coffee drinkers would just put one of their cups of coffee on the onE Puck. They would generate 847 MEGAWATTS of power That's the amount of electricity it takes to power 270,400 HOMES Maximum output: 5 watts. An average US household uses about 10,000 kilowatt-hours KWh) of electricity each year How much energy can be harnessed? How it works: Uses a stirling engine powered solely by heat disparities, such as a hot or cold drink. (Red side is used for hot drinks, the blue is used for cold ones) 5 WATTS at maximum output which is the same as a standard smartphone charger. 1. InStep NanoPower An inexpensive and simple high-power energy harvester capable of converting mechanical energy to electrical power. harvester device concept How much energy can be generated? Once the user stops for a rest, a cable can be attached to the battery in the shoe to power a device. During active walking, each foot is capable of generating 20 watts of energy which is usually lost as heat. 15 WATTS can be captured by the InStep of energy Nanopower which is then converted and stored as usable energy If half of the adults in the United States walked with InStep in both shoes They would generate the equivalent of The InStep NanoPower then allows users to charge common electrical devices, such as smartphones and tablets 3,080 MEGAWATTS of power The largest nuclear facility in the U.S. produces To put that in perspective 3,937 The Palo Verde Nuclear plant in Arizona MEGAWATTS The Breakdown Epiphany onE Puck InStep NanoPower TEGwear Ecobutton SOCCKET Generates Generates Generates Generates 750 T 473 1 15 MICROWATTS KILOWATTS WATTS WATTS WATTS Sources: phones-tablets-to-be-bought-worldwide-in-2013-821-million-this-year-70-of-total-device-sales htm SAVE ON May the best rate win. http://data USE PCAP.KG.OE http://en DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING lar-plant-receiving-40-mw-of-solar-pv-modules-from-yingli-solar microsoft-hewlett-packard-dell-ipad-iphone-androld-los-samsung-galaxy/1946325

Five Weird Energy Sources

shared by NowSourcing on Apr 30
This infographic provides a deeper look into five energy sources that you wouldn't typically use.


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