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Find Anyone Online

Five great ways to use the nternet to find free information about soneone With so much data online, you can easily find that lost friend, family member, classmate, or military buddy. Here are five great techniques you can use to find information about anyone online...for free!" PEOPLE SEARCH_ O SEARCH Step 1. Don't be malicious or evil. Don't be a stalker. Don't steal identity. No illegal hacking. Don't be creepy. Step 2: Gather what you know aboutthe person. Information such as their phone, address, email, profile pages, etc. Step 31 Phone Search Step 4: Address Search Property tax record search through the county's assessor. Step 5: Emall Search Wireless Subscriber Connections Dec-95 33.8M Dec-00 109.5 Dec-05 207.9M Dec-10 302.9M CRIMINAL SEARCH_ O SEARCH Millions of court records are freely available to the public on the internet, but the records aren't contained or compiled by any one "central" site. Instead, each court generally archives its records. Start your search with the state, then the county, and then you can dig deeper by searching other resources for databases of inmates, offenders, and wanted criminals. When in doubt, contact the spe- cific county sheriff's department. WANT Step 1: Court Records Search Step 2: Prison Records Search,jsp Step 3: Sex Offender Search State Attorney General 123 Step 4: Wanted Criminals Search ADULT CORRECTIONAL POPULATION, 1980-2009 5,000,000 Probation 4,000,000 3,000,000 2,000,000 Prison 1,000,000 Parole Jail 1980 1988 1996 2004 2009 FINANCIAL SEARCH O SEARCH Financial transactions and licenses are a good way to verify information. Often, property records tell you if someone owned a home, whether they have unclaimed assets, and whether or not they have gone through a bankruptcy. Within each state, there are often records of professional licenses which can be used to verify people's true credentials. BANK Step 1: Bankruptcy Records Search Step 2: Professlonal License Search Nationwide: Statewide: Department of Consumer Affairs Step 3: Property & Title Records Search. Step 4: Undalmed Assets Search Various Estimates, US Homeownership Rate, 2001-2010 70 60 HVS (Annual AVG) ACS (Annual AVG) CEMSUS (April 1) CPS/ASEC (March) 4 VITAL SEARCH O SEARCH Databases of searchable marriage and divorce records can be found by going to the specific county office and paying for a copy of the record. However, there are several online tools that can help you find the information signifi- cantly faster. RIP Step 1: Birth Records Search Step 2: Marriage Records Search Step 3: Death Records Search http://www.ssa.govl Step 4: Adoption Records Search Step 5: Family History Search Adoption-Live Birth Ratio (adoption/100 live births) 3,0 0.2 0.7 0.8 0.4 0.6 1.1 1.1 00 Australia England & Wales Sweden Iceland Ireland Italy Norway United States FRIEND SEARCH O SEARCH Social networks have taken over the internet, and are a great tool for finding out informa- tion about people. More than half of the americas 12+ have a profile on one or more social net- working sites Step 1: Malnstream Name Search % who currently have a personal profile page on Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin or any other social networkng web sites 52% 48% all Step 2: Soclal Networks Search 34% 24% 2008 2009 2010 2011 Step 3: School & Classmates Searches Meetup Step 4:z Military Searches military community blog military community blog military community blog You Tube 12 X7

Find Anyone Online

shared by pvelazquez89 on Jul 27
Trying to find someone online? You don't need to belong to expensive genealogy websites in order to find information on people. In fact, there are several good techniques you can use online that won't...


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