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File Types Cheat Sheet

File Types Cheat Sheet File Type Common use cases What you should know Technical Details • Logo design • Mobile icons • Illustrations Can be enlarged without losing quality Small graphics that use mathematical calculations to display images Essential for cross-platform designs (i.e. billboards, business cards, etc.) Vector Most common types: PDF, AI, and EPS • Photographs • Images on a website Good for adding special effects, color correction and Composed of pixels on a grid, where each pixel is assigned a manipulating photos color value Raster Resolution-dependent: larger sizes lead to lower quality and and GIF Most common types: JPEG, PNG. blurriness • Images within web- based designs (websites, emails) • File of choice for banner ad publishers Cannot have a transparent • Previewing design Quick loading times; used in web based designs where small file sizes are important Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG Flat images (not editable) background (a white background will be added automatically) File size can be compressed infinitely, but with loss of quality work The most widely used file type on the Internet • Images within web- based designs (websites, emails) • File of choice for banner ad publishers Can be saved with a • Previewing design Portable Network Graphics Compressed for quick views on websites; small sizes and quick load times Can be compressed within set limit (slower load time than PNG JPEG) with no loss of quality transparent background, for placing one image on top of another work • Logo design • Print design Can be resized without losing its quality Encapsulated Post Script Usable by any vector graphic application EPS • Animated banner ads The second-most used file on • Animated emails • Popular on informal blogs and articles Graphics Interchange Format the Internet, after JPEGS Easily portable Great for animation (videos play automatically without loading times) GIF Very small sizes (under 150KB) • All design previews • Print design as most printers will ask for the PDF as the final file Most suitable for sharing previews of work-universally viewable by computers Portable Document Format Illustrator and Photoshop files can be saved as PDFS, and then reopened in their native programs for editing PDF • Logo design • Icons • Illustrations Allows you or your designer to easily make edits Vector-based working file created with Adobe Illustrator Ai Illustrator file Flexible, but recomended for digital: • Website layouts • Banner ad layouts · Email layouts - Allows you or your designer to Raster-based working file easily make edits created with Adobe Photoshop Ps PSD files can be saved by layer for individual access as needed Photoshop file 99 designs

File Types Cheat Sheet

shared by 99designsBrand on Aug 18
Have you ever been confused about which file types to request for different design projects? Or which file types are best to provide to a printer? We know how it feels. The wrong file type can make s...




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