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Fighting Cybercrime with Actionable Insights

Fighting cybercrime with actionable insights Cybercriminals use hacked or misrepresented information to exploit flaws in your business processes for their gain. Meanwhile, you suffer the consequences in the form of financial losses and damage to your reputation. Consider these statistics. $445 billion: $11 million: months: 1400: The average number of cyber- attacks on an The annual cost of The average cost cybercrime to the global economy' The average length of time that a cyber- attack goes undetected of a successful organization every week? cyber-attack on an organization Therefore... Yet... 61% of 50% of organizations in a recent survey stated that data theft and cybercrime are the greatest threats to their reputation.5 organizations surveyed were not confident in their 61% 50% security programs. The good news: Hidden in the same data that criminals and criminal networks are exploiting are the insights and intelligence that can be used to identify and disrupt them, and we have a solution that can help you do that. IBM i2° Enterprise Insight Analysis combines world-class big data advanced analytics capabilities that can be applied at speed and scale. Your organization can uncover hidden connections and insights, buried in hundreds of terabytes of all kinds of data, in near real time. Operational Geospatial analytics uses warehouse 10011010 O1010101 11O11001 continuously imports data and organizes different data types from geographical data for analysis. Visualization multiple sources. Advanced big data analytics visualizes, analyzes and queries massive volumes of data and Content analytics uli extracts useful entities and relationships from unstructured data. provides results at lightning-fast speeds. Identity and relationship 10 010. 1IO1100 Cyber security analytics identifies and protects against anomalies or criminal resolution reconciles duplicate entries and reveals non-obvious relationships up to 6 levels deep. behavior in your information infrastructure. By turning big data into insights, i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis can enable smarter security decisions. Unlocking hidden insights in the reams of big data is the key to finding the perpetrators hiding in the noise. To learn more about the i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis offering, visit the following website: *p:/www.raterscom/aride/2014/0E09us cybersacurty-moatoe-ass-iduSKENDEKOSv20MOS09 * hmp:/w3-Olbmoom/ binsidlastaubtype-WHartotype-SAppname-GTS SE TM UBENShtmiid-SEwO303ISENAtachment-SEWODSILBENPOF * hmp:seaurityafairscowordpress/1a617cybercrime/ponemon-2013 cost-otcybercrimettmi * reieases amud threat reporton-advanced-targetedatackst/ htp:// yourerterpriaes-cyberamack-daterses eCopyright BMCorporation 2014. IBM, the lBM logo, bmcomand 2are trademarts ofIBMCorp, ragstared inmary juiaddion worldwide. Ohr product and service names might be trademarks of BMa other companies Acumrert Ist ofIBM rademarks is aalable onthe Webat "Copyright and tracemark intomation atwwwbmcomlegalcopyradeshaml IBM.

Fighting Cybercrime with Actionable Insights

shared by natashadb on Apr 22
With a borderless and connected world cybercrime is a concern worldwide and was high on the agenda at the recent Interpol World 2015. In fact, Singapore's Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade an...







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