A Few Facts About Wireless Communication

A FEW DE000 FACTS RELESS COMMUNICATION 1984 CTIA-The Wireless Association® is an international nonprofit membership organization that has represented the wireless communications industry since 1984. It was one year after Martin Cooper made the world's first handheld cellular phone call in public. Martin Cooper While working for Motorola, he created the first personal cell phone, citing Captain Kirk's communicator on Star Trek as an inspiration. 1985 $362 BILLION Cooper has found that the ability to smit different radio communica one time and in the same place has grown at the same pace since Guglielmo Marconi's first transmissions in 1895. The number of such communications being theoretically possible has doubled every 30 months, since then, for 104 years. This fact has been dubbed Cooper's Law. Invested in total industry since CTIA started tracking in 1985. Innovation Of New Wireless Devices 2005 Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 enables Digital TV Transition and directs auctioning of 700 MHz spectrum licenses. Auction concludes March 2006, raising almost $19 billion for the U.S. Treasury 2007 Apple launches the iPhone spurring dramatic handset innovation 2010 The First 4G Handset introduced at CTIA WIRELESS 2010 2011 Wilson Electronics Announces First 4G Signal Booster at CTIA WIRELESS 2011 Wilson Wireless Devices Today Approximately 91 % of the total U.S. population already own a wireless device Wireless subscribership in America exceeds 327.6MILLION 103.9% which means a penetration rate 2.4 MILLION Digital wireless users OUTNUMBER Americans employed in the wireless industry Analog subscribers $63 5.5 708 The average wireless consumer uses his or her phone for BILLION BILLION Wireless subscribers worldwide Spent per year worldwide on wireless accessories (cases, send and receive more than 5 billion SMS messages per day. batteries, memory cards, hands-free kits, handsets, etc.) MINUTES per month $50.07 HELLO HELLO Is the average local monthly bill. Wireless Subscriber Connections 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 1996 2001 2006 2011 44.0 128.4 219.6 331.9 Sources Wilson Electronics, Inc.

A Few Facts About Wireless Communication

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An infographic containing mind blowing facts about wireless communication.


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