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Faxing It Forward

EM TO THE- FUTURE NEW MESSAGES 1985 Bulky fax machine 2016 Cloud Faxing FROM PHONE, TABLET OR DESKTOP ENTER fax number of recipient HI TO SEARCH through tray for your document SIGN & make a copy WRITE cover page and print it out Cover sheet optional ATTACH document to your email of the contract CLICK “send fax" SEND FAX DIAL fax number and hit send WAIT for fax to go through CHECK for email for confirmation in a few minutes FAX MACHINES, Businesses often overlook fax as a technology area that can be optimized and updated BIGGER ISN'T ALWAYS BETTER Problems with old fax technology: INEFFICIENCY Cloud faxing ensures that the fax reaches the intended party traditional faxing doesn't Time spent sending a 20 page fax with a machine: 5 MINUTES Time spent sending a 20 page fax with a cloud fax: 30 SECONDS via attaching it to an email UNINTENTIONAL SHARING OR VIEWING -> STIFF FINES of Protected Health Information can lead to SECURITY leaves the door open for COMPLIANCY VIOLATIONS Routinely scanning work documents and sending them as email attachments to other parties EXPENSE making it more costly than milk, gasoline and a cheap dinner date An ounce of printer ink can cost between $13 - $75 Ink and toner cartridges are expensive ARCHAIC Even switching to a VOIP solution Busy signals could create delays May also include long distance charges and phone line charges MO-DEM 101 VOIP can break the existing fax line Phone modems are archaic Cloud faxing doesn't have these issues ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT The average office worker uses cloud faxing 10,000 SHEETS of paper annually can reduce the need for paper INDUSTRIES STILL NEED FAX - but not- FAX MACHINES Manufacturing Healthcare Transmission of prescriptions to pharmacies, processing claims and billing information, as well as transmitting patient results Workflows include fax of Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Bills of Lading, etc. Legal Finance Confirmation receipts are critical for busy attorneys, paralegals and legal staffers Audit trail of faxes, Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and compliance Dual acknowledgement of document transmissions and timestamps Luckily, there's a way to send faxes without a fax machine at all FAXING DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A HASSLE Sending and receiving documents via email or mobile phone Online Fanged By Fortune 500 Companies Cost Effective Secure Efficient No need for phone lines - No long distance charges Documents sent with TLS 1.2 and 256-bit encryption • Reduces the use of paper or toner • Keep your existing fax numbers • As fast as your wireless speed • 99.5% up-time so you don't waste time re-sending faxes • Confidential documents aren't left sitting unattended on office counters or desks • Integration into most businesses' ERP or CRM systems • Dedicated account representative Sensitive documents sent directly to the intended recipient HIPAA-compliant solutions for healthcare and GLBA guidelines compliant for Finance ARE YOU READY TO GET WITH THE TIMES? Нead to Sources: Presented by: @eFax Corporate DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING dustry reasons for sticking to their tried and true paper methods

Faxing It Forward

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The future of faxing is electronic. Learn more from this infographic!






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