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Fashionable Data: Trends and History of Wearable Technology

Fashionable Data: Trends and History of Wearable Technology 88% of physicians want patients to use wearable fitness/health devices to monitor their health patterns 11111 88% OF PHYSICIANS 1 in 5 Americans own some type of wearable tech device Today, sports & activity tracking wearables is a $7001 Estimated worth of the wearable tech market by 2018: MILLION $12.6 billion in the US $19 billion worldwide INDUSTRY •... 40% of US consumers are 76% of consumers say the interested in wearable tech doesn't need to buying smart watches, the replace other technology for them to buy it most known wearable tech Employees who are provided wearable tech devices in their workplace report a 8.5% increase in job productivity & 3.5% increase in job satisfaction WHO USES WEARABLE TECH? 68% While women are slightly more likely to wear fitness trackers, men are about twice as likely as women to wear smart watches SMART WATCH OWNERS 18-34 68%of smart watch owners are 18-34 years old 15% 64% 52% OF ALL 64% of global internet GLOBAL 52% of people in recent poll said they're aware of wearable devices CONSUMERS INTERNET AWARENESS users have worn a tech device or plan to USERS 1/3 Of those people, 1 out of 3 said they were likely to buy a device LIKELY TO BUY 15% of all consumers currently use wearable tech every day 30% of fitness tracker owners are 35-54 years old 30% FITNESS TRACKER OWNERS 35-54 MOST POPULAR FITNESS TRACKERS SMART WATCH MAKERS FuelBand by Nike Fitbit SONY 18 UP by Jawbone FITBIT FASHION TECHNOLOGY ON THE RISE FITBIT BY TORY BURCH SKULLY First motorcycle helmet with Uses the same technology in the FitBit activity tracker but transforms it into a SELF HEATING GLOVES AND INSOLES 180-degree, rear-facing camera with a screen in viewfinder for camera feed. Battery-free unique fabric generates gentle warming sensation, staying warm when wet. Can be used with a super-chic fashion accessory. Available in bracelet and pendant forms. smartphone. Originally developed by German military. RINGLY THE MIMO SMART BABY WEARABLE SIGN LANGUAGE SENSORS Designer-looking fashion ring that syncs mobile device and buzzes with notifications. Custom color & AND SMART NURSERY POLO TECH SHIRT SYSTEM In development now, this device interprets gestures by signer using two distinct sensors. A BY RALPH LAUREN Onesie outfit for babies with Silver fibers woven turtle-looking monitor that senses and tracks sleep status, breathing, body position. Listening device allows you to listen audibly and monitor baby. directly into fabric read heartrate. breathing depth, balance, and other key metrics that are streamed to your device via a detachable Bluetooth-enabled black box. vibration patterns to distinguish notifications. Ring box it comes in acts as a charging station; available in 8 types of opaque. semi-precious, & precious gemstones. program then wirelessly receives info & converts data into a spoken translation. HOW WEARABLE TECH DEVELOPED Mid 1970's- 1979 1987 1989 MATTEL POWER GLOVE PULSAR DIGITAL SONY WALKMAN biggest revolution in portable music devices after the handheld transistor radio CALCULATOR HEARING AID smaller and interactive wearable WATCH video game controller lighter than previous hearing aid devices calculator and watch on wrist 1993 1994 2000- 2003 GARMIN FORERUNNER KARMA STEVE MANN'S WIRELESS WEBCAM BLUETOOTH Knowledge-based Augmented Reality for Maintenance Assistance HEADSET one of the first sports watches launched, measuring speed, distance, heart rate, etc. first head-mounted widely used for short-range voice transmission 1171111 (virtual reality) system was developed camera transmitted images via television frequencies FIP 2006 +) 2009 2011-UP 2012 JAWBONE UP SMART WATCHES FITBIT NIKE•İPOD FITNESS TRACKING DEVICE activity tracker in the form of a device attached to user's belt to measure distance traveled, calories burned, and Pebble was first smart two brand created device watch, funded by Kickstarter for $10.2 million flexible. to sync movements with their iPods rubber-coated wristband to sync with app sleep patterns 2013 2014- 图 2015 GOOGLE GLASS APPLE WATCH RINGLY QUELL incorporates fitness tracking and smartphone alerts and other Apple products a ring that keeps you connected to smartphone alerts by color and vibration patterns on the finger introduced to bring text and notifications before wearable sports band to alleviate chronic pain based on your body's levels, via electrode stimulation your eyes, voice command, & camera EXI Sources: | http://www.statistacom/statistics/259372/wearable-device-market-value | vice-market-value-forecast | Stats.Wearable. Techhtml | I http://ww- | | ing-more-hip-to-wearables-npd-study-finds | | http://www.- | es/2015/the-demographic-divide-fitness-trackers-and-smartwatches-attracting-very-different-segments-of-the-market-according-to-the-npd-group I nology I | | able-technology-a-timeline | | 1:1 SAMSUNG PEBBLE LENOVO PHP

Fashionable Data: Trends and History of Wearable Technology

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Wearable technology isn’t just trendy and cutting-edge; it is changing the way we interact with ourselves, others, and the world around us. With so many comfortable, stylish options flooding the mar...






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