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Facts About Text Messaging

Text Messaging 1. More than 72% of cell phone users send and receive text messages. 72% 2010 65% 2009 Up from 65% in 2009. 2. English-Speaking Adults Who Text Message, by Ethnicity: All Adults: 72% White: 68% Black: 79% Hispanic: 83% 3. Of 18-29 year olds, 95% text message. 4. In 2009, U.S. cell phone users sent roughly 4.1 billion texts every day. day That's 17 messages a day for every person with a data-capable phone. 5. As text massages rise, talking on the phone falls. In 2007, the average cell phone conversation was 3.13 minutes, a decade-long high. In 2009, the average had dropped to 2.03 minutes, which is the lowest average since this data was tracked. 6. you text while driving, you are 23 times more likely to get in an accident. If Cellphones cause an average of 1.4 million car crashes every year. Of those, 200,000 crashes are due to text messaging. 7. Texting is acceptable while... Texters Over 25 Texters Under 25 Eating 27% 49% Using the Bathroom 12% Having Sex 6% 8. 3 in 5 teenagers say sexting is unsafe. 1 in 5 teens do it anyway. 9. Sexting, by Age: Percentage of teens who have sent a nude or nearly nude photo. 13 Year Olds: 9% 14 Year Olds: 13% - 15 Year Olds: 17% 16 Year Olds: 18% 17 Year Olds: 24% 18 Year Olds: 20% 10. Sexting isn't just for the kids. Of parents, 28% have sent a sexual text message or photo of themselves. 11. According to Nielsen, the average teen sends about 10 texts per hour during the day. That's roughly 3,000 messages a month per teen. 12. The vast majority of states now have laws that ban or limit texting while driving. States that don't: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, & Hawaii. Studies show that texting while driving slows reaction time to that of a 70 Year Old. Reading text messages was more detrimental than writing them. 13. So, why are texts limited to 160 characters? Friedhelm Hillebrand, a communications researcher, did an experiment in 1985, long before text messaging was a reality. He typed random sentences and counted all of the letters, spaces, and punctuation marks. These sentences were almost always shorter than 160 characters. Postcards, he found, most frequently clocked in at less than 150 characters. Hillebrand used this information to convince his Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) coworkers that 160 characters was more than sufficient for short messaging service (SMS). 14. According to estimates, text messaging earns about $60-70 billion every year for phone companies. %24 Sources: 3-10272628-94.html Design by @jayjaypowpow information provided by:

Facts About Text Messaging

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Forms of communication has come along way throughout history and one that is probably more popular then the next is text messaging. From LOL’s to WTF’s, the world of texting has become a cultural ...


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