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Facts About America's Power Grid

Facts About America's Power Grid A Presentation Of Current Solutions PC More than 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines keep United States bright. The complex network is based on 3 major steps including power plants where the journey of electricity begins and then transferred into transformers to consumers (you). 1st Commercial Power Grid Thomas Edison in 1882 introduced the 1st commercial power grid by the name of "The Pearl Street Station" in lower Manhattan. One of the first electricity consumers of the Pearl Street Station were the offices of "The New York Times". Ch-Noar Jork Cimes The whole electrical infrastructure or electric grid of America is based on 3 smaller grids called interconnections. The Eastern Interconnection Western Interconnection The Western Interconnection The Texas Interconnection Eastern Interconnection Техas Interconnection kWh Dpiay Cyce TYPE 83330-3IHP EN 50470-3 CL B 3 x 230/400V 0,25-580IA 50H IEC 62053-23 CL. 2 The American electrical infrastructure -40C to +70°C e 23 i 2A Op es0 Ye CE MO7 0122 TI0072 undergoes continues upgrades to meet the increasing electricity demand of the nation. The 2009 "Recovery Act" made the department invest $4.5 billion to YVI D 2007 modernize and make the nation's electrical grids more reliable. Electric grids in America needs to be both reliable and resilient in order to maintain shorter power interruptions and prepared to recover from severe weather damages. There are many causes that result into power outages, but severe weather is ranked number 1 among all those causes. The economy of United States is hit by $18 and $33 billion every year due to power outages. The commonly faced issues due to electrical outage includes damage to grid infrastructure, lost output and wages, and delayed production. Another major development towards electrical reliability and resiliency is moving towards microgrid technology. Microgrids operate through the integration of distributed energy resources such as backup generators and solar panels. The most highlighting feature of microgrids is the ability of operating autonomously during extreme weather events though its generally connected to traditional electrical grid in normal conditions. More than $100 million of investment has been made the by the Department of Energy to improve a resilient and reliable grid infrastructure to survive and prevent cyber incident. Not only the department of energy contributes for cyber security of America's power grid but it is also secured by the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and many other departments. Increase Reliability & Efficiency Of Your Electrical System Current Solutions PC is the most reputable electrical solutions provider in New York for commercial facilities since 1998. Our teams of electrical engineers can help businesses navigate through the maze of electrical complexity. Joining hands with Current Solutions PC can help you fulfill your power needs, obtain energy cost savings, realize a ROl on capital improvements, and maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness. Current Solutions PC 636 North Broadway White Plains, NY 914-347-8480 888-997-6937 Data Source: Electricity Powers Your Business & Our Knowledge Powers Your Profitability. Energy.Gov CURRENT O ENERGY.GOV SOLUTIONS P.C.

Facts About America's Power Grid

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Take a look at the facts you didn’t know about America’s power grid. Find out the importance of safer, secure and resilient electric grid across the country. A presentation of Current Solutions PC.


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