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Facts About 3D Printing

FACTS about 3DPRINTING What is 3D Printing? 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing is the process of creating physical objects from a 3D file through layering of specifics filament materials. What are the things needed? Oblender DrawPluse 3D Printer Software Filament Scanner Model (optional) (optional) 3D Printing in Different Industries 3D printing created new opportunities in every industry. It has the potential to transform the medical, manufacturing and even the fashion industry. Food Medical Science and Research *******..................... January 2014, 3D Systems partnered with Hersheys to create "confectionary treats. Doctors from the University Med- ical Center in Utrecht, Holland, successfully carried out the first full skull transplant on a 22 year old woman in March 2014. NASA granted Systems & Materials Research $125,000 to develop a pizza printer for their astronauts. Armed Forces Institute for Re- generative Medicine partnered with researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina to make a 3D skin printer that de- posits cells directly on a wound. Fashion San Francisco-based clothing company Continuum creates wearable, 3D printed pieces. Manufacturing In 2013, architect Francis Bitoni and fashion designer Michael Schimidt made a 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese. The dress was made of 2,500 inter- secting joint pieces that were linked by hand. Ford uses 3D printing to improve the quality of their designs. In 2014, they 3D printed their 500,000th part-and engine cover for the new 2015 Mustang. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus WORLD FIRST FULL 3D PRINTED DRESS 3D prints metal parts for its 300-series of aircrafts. According to Airbus s Peter Sander, the printed parts are 50% lighter and stronger. AAUTODESK. Autodesk, Inc is a design software and services company, offering cus- tomers business solutions through technology products and services. CAD T O META L® AII Arcam AB Archam DB utilizes 3d printing techniques in order to offer free- dom in designing along with high productivity and material properties. PTC Parametric Technology Corporation develops, supports, and markets solu- tions that are helpful for companies to design and manage product details. proto labs Real Parts. Really Fast. Protolabs uses high-tech machining using robots and other computer- controlled methods to operate machinery and create things. REPUTABLE COMPANIES THAT ARE INVOLVED IN 3D PRINTING v+xeljet Voxeljet believes to be one of Europe's largest service centres for the "on- demand production" of molds and models for metal casting. ExOne DIGITAL PART MATERIALIZATION ExOne process solutions give manufacturers the freedom to pro- duce objects that have virtually unlimited design complexity. imaterialise i.materialise is an online 3D printing service for all people with an eye for design and a head full of ideas. organovo TM Organovo Holdings, Inc. develops NovoGen three-dimensional (3D) human tissue printing technology for creating tissue on demand for research and surgical applications. Presented by 3D²PRINT CREATING THE 3rd DIMENSION SOURCES 3DTIN SketchUp

Facts About 3D Printing

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3D printing remains to be largely utilized in the manufacturing industry. From car parts, houses and shoes, the manufacturing industry is largely dependent on 3D printing because it is cost-effective.




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