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Facebook Facts You May Not Know

February 2004 to February 2005 to Facebook begins at Harvard, and expands to a few universities at a time. Facebook expands to include most American colleges and high schools. January 2005 January 2006 The Road to 200 Million Facebook began as a private network for colleges and universities, but has grown into an international social networking site with almost 200 million members. Lee Byron, a member of Facebook's data team, created maps and network diagrams that show the site's expansion and use. 20% 20% 15 15- 40 NEW USERS 200 PER 100 10 10 650 SQ. MILES 1,600 AGE OF FACEBOOK MEMBERS 3,200 5. 65 years old 50 65 years old 18 24 30 40 50 18 24 30 40 February 2006 to January 2007 Facebook opens registration to allow anyone to join, which brings in older members. Facebook is translated into more than 40 languages. The fastest-growing group of members is people over 35. February 2007 to Facebook reaches 50 million users, with Canada and Britain growing fastest. February 2008 to January 2009 January 2008 15% 10- 5. 5% 18 24 30 40 50 65 years old 18 24 30 40 50 65 years old 18 24 30 40 50 65 years old Depends How You Define 'Friend' Although most people have a large network of Facebook friends, members maintain real relationships with a much smaller collection of those friends by reading profiles, sending messages and "wall posts." Here is an example of the way one Facebook employee interacts with his network during one month. ONE-WAY PINGS REAL "FRIENDS"? TOTAL NETWORK, 179 FRIENDS READ POSTINGS He and his friends actively follow the postings of a smaller group. Of those, only some reciprocate. And send messages to even fewer people. Source:

Facebook Facts You May Not Know

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Facebook made history when it made it to 500 million users, but it had already hit a milestone when it reached 200 million several years ago. What started as a private site only for college students h...




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