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Exhaust Reduction

Exhaust Reduction ENBRIDGE Energy is used by HVAC units to condition (heat or cool) air in facilities in order to maintain a comfortable climate. Ventilation, the process that supplies or removes air from a space, is critical to maintaining good air quality. AA A The amount and frequency of air that must be removed (exhausted) from a space varies based ona variety of factors such as: occupancy levels, machines or processes that release chemicals, toxins or gases into the facility, etc. 20° Air must then be supplied to the Energy is used to condition (heat or cool) that make-up air in order to maintain the desired climate inthe facility. spaceto replace or make-up for the air that was exhausted. Energy Time Therefore, any reduction in exhaust, reduces the amount of make-up air required, which results in less energy needed to treat that make-up air. Here are some ways to reduce exhaust volumes without impacting indoor air quality: Turn summer exhaust fans off during winter months Industrial facilities with equipment Exhaust fans are generally installed that radiates heat become very hot in warm weather. not for air quality purposes, but to cool the facility down in the summer. 365 DAYS Switching these exhaust fans off during winter months is therefore an effective way to save energy without compromising air quality. These exhaust fans are often forgotten about during the winter, and are left running year round. Switching them off in the winter will also create amore comfortable climate for employees as the warm air will no longer be exhausted out of the building. Use localized exhaust extraction for machines, and only exhaust when machines are operating, i.e. turn fans off during breaks, or daily shutdowns Machines and processes that emit gases, toxins and/or chemicals will increase the amount of exhaust required in a facility. As opposed to using a general exhaust fan to exhaust thesestoxins, it is more effective to have localized exhaust fans for these machines that directly exhaust the toxins as opposed to letting them mix with the rest of the air in the facility. This also makes it easier to interlock the exhaust fanto the machines so they are only operating while the machines are operating. Interlock exhaust fans to make-up air units, and shut down both during non-productive times This process ensures there is always the optimal make In commercial buildings, tie exhaust volumes to facility 4 occupancy levels People breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Therefore, the more people in a facility, the more oxygen absorbed and carbon dioxide released, resulting in the need to exhaust and make-up more air to maintain good air quality. By tying exhaust volumes to facility occupancy levels, we are able to reduce exhaust volumes during times of low occupancy without impacting air quality.

Exhaust Reduction

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Infographic design for the Enbridge. Energy is used by HVAC units to condition (heat or cool) air in facilities in order to maintain a comfortable climate.


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