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Evolution of the World's Popular Brand Logos

Evolution of the World's Popular Brand Logos Popular Brand Logos Wow! Canon pepsi IBM Coca-Cola Microsoft Ford You're More Powerful Than You Think The first Apple logo of 1976 was a tribute to Newton with the inscription "Newton .. A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought... Alone" written it. The second logo used in 1976-98 was the Rainbow Apple that was rainbow colored to manifest their first success through Apple IlI, a computer with colored graphics. APPLE E In 1998, when iMac was launched, the Rainbow Apple was changed to a monochromatic logo. Today, the current logo has the gradient chrome silver design. The bite of the apple is to differentiate the apple from a cherry tomato. It also honors Mathematician Alan Turing, who committed suicide by eating an apple with cyanide. The bite is also in line with their slogan "Byte into an Apple". 1976 1976-1998 1998 Current imageANYWARE Canon had its first logo in 1934, named and designed after Kwanon, the Buddist Goddess of Mercy, with 1000 arms and flames. CAMS RA Canon The logo was later replaced with a typeface not seen in Canon Europe or North America with a unique "C" on its top end curved inward, ending in a sharp point. wanon The logo looked more balanced in 1935, after Canon came KWANON into place, with another version made in 1953, and finally perfected in 1955. 1934 1934 1935 1956-Current Live for Now Founded in 1890s as Brad's drink and later renamed as Pepsi Cola had its first logo in 1898, which was then improved in 1905 & 1906 and had a major breakthrough in 1940. pepsi E In support of the USA during World War II, the logo used a PEPSI crown with red and blue swirls in 1950s & 60s, with the name Pepsi coming into existence in 1960s. E In 1973, the crown was replaced by Pepsi Globe that gained more emphasis in 2003 than the typeface which had it's time in the 1990s. 1898 1940 2003 Current The recent logo of Pepsi has totally done away everything with a new script. On Demand Business IBM as the International Time Recording Company (ITR) had their first logo in 1888, which had it's revision in 1891 and was further revised in 1911 when ITR merged with USINES. MACHINES IBM UNTERNATIONAL Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company Re E The company was then renamed as International Business Machines Corporation in 1924 and hence the logo too was redesigned. E After the demise of Thomas J. Watson, Sr in 1956, Tom Watson, Jr. took over as CEO and changed the logo, which already had a typeface change in 1947. 1888 1911 1924 Current E Since 1972, stripes have been used in the logo, with a black rectangle that came into the design later. To Inspire and Nurture the Human Spirit The first logo of Starbucks was designed in 1971 with a crowned mermaid, based on a classic 15th century Norse woodcut of a KS mystical siren. COFFEE Revisions were made in 1987 and 1992, with the color Green. ROCKS COFFEE The logo recently had a major change, with the text being completely removed and only the mermaid is present with the warm and inviting face. . TEA 1971 1987 1992 Current Your Potential. Our Passion E Microsoft that begun in 1975, was initially named as Micro-Soft as seen in the logo but was changed soon in the same year by dropping the hyphen. Microsoft The logo has a unique letter O which they call as "Blibbet". Microsoft They even had a Blibbet Burger in the Microsoft cafeteria wE DO vou WAN tO co tona that time. MICROSOFT MICRO SOFT In 1987, a new logo was designed, called "the Pacman logo", as resembled by the cut in the letter 0, and taglines were used in the later years till 2012. 1975 1975 1987-2006 Current E The current logo has an entirely new script, made to look digital and to showcase their products package. Life Begins Here The first script logo of Coco-Cola was drawn in 1887, after the slab serif and chunky sans serif in 1886. Coca-Cola Coca-Cola E A clear interpretation came out in 1900s and 1940s, and the DRINK logo of 1950 - 1960s was called the "Fishtail logo", scripted in red with the wave used in 1960s. Ane FaUurapuur. ER, m COCA-COLA. Coca-Cola E In 1985, a new Coke was then introduced and the logo too HO! had a massive change, but the script logo was brought back in 1987 with the combination of 1985s text. At A E In 1990s the script involved a bottle of coke but was replaced again with the wave design in the year 2000s. 1886 1940 1950-1960 2009-Current At present, we have the red script logo that made it's appearance in 2009. Interestingly, it has the vintage touch of the 1900s and 1940s. The Best or Nothing Gottlieb Daimler's DMG(Daimler-Motored-Gesellschaft) and Karl Benz's Benz & Cie merged to form Mercedes-Benz in 1926 and hence the logo of the two companies, the three pointed star and laurel wreath. AERCEDEO While the logo has it's history from 1902(Mercedes, a mere text), the luxury automobile company has a rich history from 1886, reckoned as the world's first automobile company. BENZ MERCEDES The 1909s three pointed star logo originated from a postcard by Diamler that represents making vehicles in land, water and sky. 1902 1909 1926 Current The current logo used has it's origin from 1934, initially painted white during the first Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, but was polished back to its silver color as one of the cars weighed more than the rule, and the car was named as "silver arrow" since then. Sheer Driving Pleasure The BMW (Bayerishce Motoren Werke AG/Bavarian Motor Works) logo came into the market in 1923, with the white and blue colors. The colors are derived from pilot's view through the propeller, in order to represent the beginning of the company as an aircraft company. E Major revisions were done to the logo in 1970s but was reverted back and styled into solid quarters to declare their identity of cars and motorcycles which we have today. 1923 1954 1970s-1980s Current Go Further Ford was initially founded as Ford and Malcomson Ltd, but was renamed a year later in 1903 as Ford Motor Co to indicate investor's contribution and hence the first logo of Ford Ford made it into the market. Ford Ford E The logo had a revision in 1909 with the design borrowed from Childe Harold Wills' business card, and again in 1912 THE UNIVERSAL CAR FORD MOTOR Co. DETROIT, with the text "The Universal Car" but was redesigned and made simple in the same year. The current logo "Centennial Blue Oval" has been used since 2003-Current 2003, which was originally integrated into the Ford script in 1927 to mark the launch of "Model A" car while experiments 1903 1909 1912 were done with the logo in 1957 with a diamond shape but reverted back to the oval in 1976. Designed by » Mango

Evolution of the World's Popular Brand Logos

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Today, the consciousness and concerns of logos has reached the maximum for not just giant companies, it starts right from budding and brand new companies. While established companies prefer to symboli...






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