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The Evolution of Web Hosing

peeri hosting INFOGRAPHICS SERIES lLlLıl. The Facts Behind Today's Leading Internet Technology The Evolution of Web Hosting Web hosting has come a long way since the beginning. In order to host a site in 1991, you needed your own server or computer to host the site, but today, you can find web hosts for less than you spend on coffee in a week, allowing you to "rent" space instead of owning it outright. means anyone can have a web presence now, but it's taken a while to get to this point. The drop in price and increase in convenience > Web Hosting Over the Years 1991 ) www released to the public 1995 GeoCities, Angelfire, and Tripod offer free hosting GeoCities Angelfire Tripod 1 MB nzesare. 35 KB tripod 2 MB 1996 O bluehost BlueHost is founded HostMonster starts offering web hosting services m host monster C1998 Angelfire and Tripod Zoom enters the market bought by Lycos LYCOS AVERAGE PRICE FOR A SHARED £10.8 WITH STORAGE SPACE OF 153 MB HOSTING ACCOUNT IS D2DDN Pickaweb began offering professional web hosting to Fasthosts launched in 1999 the UK, Provides: web O hosting cloud services O UK home small to medium O businesses for partners users and and Blogger and LiveJournal debut 2002 2005 PEER 1 Hosting founded and has since become HostGator is founded in Google buys Blogger a dorm room with 3 servers one of the WordPress top UK service providers launches host storage = 171,000 MB an increase of 1,115 times the average in 1998 2008 Average web- Study shows that in the month of August ----- O 14 5 million in the UK visited at least one blog. people This equals 41 percent of the UK's total online population 2009 Google offers cloud-based "Apps" service that allows users to utilize O GMail powerful utilities and store them in their Gmail accounts for free y Googie A GeoCities closes HostGator sites receive Cloud services make up 2010 1% of the world's online traffic of the UK's £8 billion 7.5% software market 2011 2012 It is estimated that cloud services will be worth approximately £1.2 billion per year Web hosting is less than £6 for shared hosting HOW BIG IS THE WEB HOSTING INDUSTRY? How big and prevalent the web hosting industry has become can be inferred by how many people worldwide are using the web and have a need for hosting. 1995 2011 16 million (0.49% of users population 12/95) billion (30.4% of 2.1 Users population, 6/11) 1998 2009 147 million (3.6% of 18 billion (26.6% of users population 12/09) users population 12/98) 2000 2003 361 million (5.8% of 719 million (11.1% of users population 12/00) users population 12/03) EXTERNAL WEB HOSTING From 1991 to 2008, the web hosting industry has seen tremendous growth and changes. Gone are the days of expensive hosting solutions by few companies Today's options are widely varied and range from cheap to free Today, non-technical web builders have a variety of easy hosting solutions for all types of media: You Tube O flickr W в made by you Google Searches for the terms "Web+Hosting" have been on steady decline while searches for "Cloud+Hosting" are on a rise of late as shown in the analytics data for each set of terms below. SEARCH VOLUME INDEX Google Analytics 2b 1.00 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 WEB HOSTING CLOUD HOSTING » Server Technologies and Capabilities Early on, a web presence required owning your own server Entrepreneurs capitalized on the need by buying servers and renting the space This meant limited access, available Anyone with money could only to those with the technology set up a site As the Internet took off and more people and companies wanted a web presence, server space became relatively O Inexpensive & ) accessible. Web hosting became free and user friendly with hosting services like WordPress and Blogger Enabled non-techy users to build websites without a server > What Will the Future Bring? External service hosting continues to increase and total internet users globally by 2015 will surpass 3 Billion users. Companies will expand resources by forming partnerships with similar service providers, offering more services to accommodate the users Web hosting market will evolve more toward cloud infrastructure as a service (cloud laas) laas vendors will combine virtualized resources (via the cloud to offer scalable services) with dedicated servers (for regular resource-intensive usages, such as databases) > Reach for the Sky Cloud services as predicted by Benoit J. Lheureux, Gartner 2011 By 2014, the CSB vendor landscape will have grown from dozens to hundreds of providers of integration projects involving By 2015, 40% CSB MFT Cloud Security Box Managed File Transfer A2A Application-to B2B Business-to- Business -Application and cloud services will be implemented with one IT solution By 2015, 50% of "Integration as a Service" (laas) will be consumed as an embedded feature of other IT offerings To put it simply, cloud hosting is paving the way for companies to build their IT infrastructure on virtual hosts. There are several benefits to this type of cloud hosting: Systems can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access Because cloud services are hosted on off-site servers, it's designed to be mobile It's less expensive to purchasing individual paying for IT staff planning for obsolescence, "rent" server space through cloud services than and maintaining machines servers This enables new businesses to get started quickly Cloud service is fast because often it can be used as an out-of-the-box technology Cloud providers update their software and Businesses scheduled and firmware are provided maintenance upgrades with equipment on a regular basis with new features in this competitive market Clouds can adjust to fit business fluctuation Starting small with limited hosting space is and as business expands, companies acquire more space With cloud hosting, a business is not O locked into one system or size common Web hosting has grown a long way since its humble beginnings. From hosting personal sites on a single server to the ability to create a network of data spanned across several types of services, the technology today has really opened up our capabilities in storoge, transfer rates, and processing ability. SOURCES web+hosting and cloud+hosting services-brokerage/ Pob/World_Pop_2003.pdf

The Evolution of Web Hosing

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