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The Evolution of VoIP

Tin Cans to BROADBAND The Evolution of A VOIP What is VOIP There are three basic ideas behind the term VolP: VOICE THE VOIP MARKET IS EXPECTED when you can't speak face-to-face, telephony is the best way to communicate using voice in real time TO REACH $82.7 BILLION BY 2017 - with a compound annual growth rate of 6.46% OVER face-to-face voice carries over the air, but when there's distance involved, voice needs to be transmitted electronically THE NUMBER OF OTT (OVER-THE-TOP) SUBSCRIBERS GREW BY 550% IN 2012 IP this means Internet Protocol, which defines how data traffic is carried over a new type of network, - It is estimated that this will REACH one billion SUBSCRIBERS by better known as the Internet the end of 2014 VOICE TRAFFIC WORLDWIDE GREW BY FIVE PERCENT TO 490 BILLION MINUTES OF TALK TIME - That's the equivalent of over 15,000 years of voice time! - With VolP accounting for 34 PERCENT - That's 5279 years OF TALK TIME ON VOIP in 2013 MOBILE VOIP WILL GROW TO SALES OF $36 BILLION - Does this signal the end of traditional phone contracts? Evolution of VOIP VolP emerged in commercial form in the mid-nineties: 1995 The first internet phone software is released by Vocaltec The Internet was quite primitive, and broadband didn't exist 1996 POP3 (Post Office Protocol verslon 3) Is published. Internet phones catch the attention of US 1997 telecommunication companles, which ask the US Congress to ban the technology. The original version of IEEE 802.11, the wireless LAN standard, Is released. 2000th request for comments - "Intemet Officlal Protocol Standards" - from the Internet Architecture Board. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is established to 1998 handle administration and registration of IP numbers to the Three IP switch manufacturers introduce geographical areas currently handled by Network Solutions equipment capable of switching. (InterNIC), starting March 1998. French Internet users give up their access on 13 December to boycott France Telecom's local 2005 phone charges (which are In addition to the ISP charge). The one-billonth Internet user goes online. 2006 Mass-market VOIP services over broadband internet access services are popular and successful. 2014 VoIP Is slated to be the best performing Industry of this decade, above blotechnology and ecommerce. VOIP Adoption Worldwide The VolP subscriber market is dominated by six leading countries The United States, Japan, France, South Korea, Germany and China. Germany France The United States Japan China ! South Korea These countries have nearly 80% of the reported global VolP market share. 9.1% Lithuania 8.7% Puerto Rico 7.6% Poland 7.0% Ireland 6.4% Brazil 6.1% Romanila 6.0% Slovenia 5.3% Estonia 4.9% Spaln 4.6% United Kingdom Top 10 VolP Countries by growth OI VOIP in Businesses 41% Almost a A further quarter of UK 25% 22% businesses are already using VolP telephony to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. of VolP business users have plans to review and implement VolP within the next 12 months. deployed the technology to offer staff greater flexibility to work from home. Top 5 Drivers of VolP Adoption: MORE FEATURES Better features can enhance productivity COST REDUCTION Both the total cost of ownership and monthly expenses are lower. EASIER SYSTEM MANAGEMENT Service and features of VolP can be self-provisioned Vs Legacy telephony which is limited and more difficult to deploy CUSTOMER SERVICE VolP operators understand how their service is new for SMES and support it accordingly BUSINESS GRADE VOIP quality and reliability is now on par with legacy telephony VOIP User Perception 100% I!! 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Cost Features Management Multi Call Quality Adding Users Rellablity Routing Capacity Location I VolP Worse O About the Same I VolP Better Inzenka, 2010 Overall satisfaction is very high across nine core attributes. Over 60% actually found VolP to deliver superior performance in areas including cost, features, management, and capacity. Would you recommend VOIP to your Business Peers? 2% Not Recommend 35% 63% Recommend Inzenka, 2010 98% of users are willing to recommend VolP to their peers. Highly Recommend What the Experts say SHEILA MCGEE-SMITH MIKE BRAGG President & Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics CFO of WhichVOIP "Unlike past technological advancements, VolP is seeing growth not only in advanced economies or specific sectors, but on an international scale. In fact, some of the fastest growing regions are those that traditionally have had less developed infrastructures. So where is this hot industry growing the fastest, and where is it facing resistance? We have crunched the numbers to get a truly global picture of the bright future of VolP." "One of the most significant impacts of VolP has been in eliminating the need to be co-located with infrastructure in order to receive services. While technical alternatives for telecommuting and work-at-home existed previously, they were cumbersome and expensive. VolP in fact laid the groundwork for the location-independence now touted by cloud services." "Packet-based voice opens up the participation of voice in the upcoming revolution of sensors, sense-making and sentient machines. Whatever we have achieved this far in human communications pales in comparison to the superhuman capabilities that lie ahead." Founder at Martin Geddes Consulting References MARTIN GEDDES ption%20ver2.pdf tml IRISH TELECOM

The Evolution of VoIP

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VoIP is slated to be the best performing industry of this decade, above biotechnology and ecommerce? With the VoIP market expected to reach $82.7 billion by 2017 does this signal the end of traditiona...


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