The Evolution of Video Games

r'll save you princess! THE EVOLUTION OF VIDEO GAMES In 1972, on televisions across the country, two white lines appeared on opposite sides of a virtual court. A square "ball" bounced back and forth between these lines. These televisions were connected to the Magnavox Odyssey, and were playing the first version of Pong. The Odyssey was the first home video game console, and pong its most famous game. Wrapped in today's stunning graphics, immersive environ- ments, and expansive games, we forget this strange journey into the unreal began only half a lifetime ago. It is difficult to measure how much computer games have grown, but one simple yardstick is the growth of processing power. Magnavox - 8-bit 1.79 MHz micocontroller. 64 bytes internal RAM, 128 bytes audio/video RAM, - 1024 bytes BIOS ROM. 160x200 pixel resolution. - 16 color fixed palette, only 8 usable by sprites. - 8KB removable media. NES 8-bit 1.79MHZ processor. 2KB of RAM, 49,128 bytes of ROM. - 48 colors + 5 shades of gray. - 64 sprites can be displayed at once. 256x240 pixel resolution. - 1MB cartridge size. SNES 3.58MHZ processor, 128KB RAM +64KB video and 64KB audio. 512x448 max resolution, 256 colors max on screen, but 32,768 possible. 8MB cartridge size. Playstation - 33.8MHZ processor 2MB memory, 1MB video memory, 512K sound memory. 640x480 screen resolution, Nintendo 64 93.75MHZ CPU 36Mbit memory 640x480 resolution, - 4.2 billion colors, shades and transparency levels. - 64MB game cartridge. (could be higher with higher production costs) Playstation 2 64 bit, 300MHZ CPU,. 32MB memory, 4 MB video Theoretically possible 720p resolution, most games run only 480p. - 7.8 GB DVD removable games. 16.7 million colors. - CD-based system capable of 600MB games. Xbox 360 3x 3.2GHZ CPUS, 512MB memory, 20GB hard drive, - DVD-media 7.8 GB 720p graphics. Wii Playstation 3 - PowerPC 3.2GHZ CPU, 7x SPE @3.2GHZ, - 550MHZ graphics processor, 1080p graphics, 256 MB RAM, Very little detail released. 512MB internal memory. - PowerPC CPU • The Magnavox Odyssey's original background graphics cannot be measured in bytes. They were printed transparencies, included with the game, to be placed on the screen. Blue-Ray removable media (50GB) With these exponential increases in power, characters have become more detailed: More money is spent on games and gaming con- soles. In 2009, $15.18 billion dollars were spent on consoles and console games alone. $25.3 billion dollars were spent on video games as a whole. Mario's first appearance was an 8-bit sprite. In the SNES, he became a 16-bit sprite. graphics exceed 10MB. Today, some character More time is spent gaming at home. Worlds are more detailed and more expansive. In 2001, Grand Theft Auto boasted 3 square miles of playable space. The average western child played: In 2004, World of Warcraft came out with 80 square miles of playable space. I x27 Today, Lord of the Rings Online comprises some 30,000 square miles. I x10,000 4 hrs/week 6 hrs/week And Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall inhabits a theoretical 62,000 square miles. I x20,667 THANK YOU MARIO! 8 hrs/week As comparison, Super Mario Brothers, released in 1985, comprises perhaps 10 miles of playable space. A skilled player can play the whole game through in 20 minutes. 14 hrs/week This is not necessarily impacting time spent watching TV, however, as more and more video gaming children will play video games and watch TV at the same time. New genres of game have emerged. Insert command: 1972: 1975: 1976: 1980: Battlezone The first true 3D game Tennis/"PONG" Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game Colossal Cave Adventure Sports Adventure (text based) 1980: 1985: 1989: 1992: Mystery House The first adventure Super Mario Bros First popular SimCity Ultima Underworld First simulation and First 3D RPG game with graphics side-scroller RPG first strategy game. 1992: Dune II 1992: 1992: 1996: Quake First internet-playable Wolfenstein 3D- Alone in the Dark The first First Person The first Real Time The first survival horror Shooter game Strategy game game FPS More consoles are sold. In 1972, 130,000 Odyssey game systems were sold. The original Odyssey system sold a total of about 330,000 units. The Atari 2600 sold 14 million systems. Retail price: $896 The PS2 sold 140 million. Retail price: $228 The SNES sold 49 million. Retail price: $333 Xbox 360: sold 40 million to date Retail price: $199 +.. Sony's Playstation sold 101 million. Retail price: $219 1997: Wii: sold 71 million to date Retail price: $250 Ultima Online First MMORPG to have 100,000 subscribers The N64 sold 34 million PS3: sold 35.7 million to date Retail price: $276 Retail price: $299 Prices adjusted for inflation Just about half (150 million) of U.S. citizens have at least one video game console in their homes. More games are developed and sold. Almost all of the 30 games available for the Magnavox Odyssey were included with the system. In the last three months of 2008 alone, Wii had 86 new games released 2/3 of all men 18-34, and 3/4 of all men 12-17 years old has at least one console. Xbox 360, 47 Playstation 3, 38 As games become more valuable, lawsuits have grown. MAGNAVOX EA ACTIVISION. vs. vs. Vs. NFL ATARI. The first video game-related law- suit was Magnavox vs Atari, 1974. Magnavox claimed Atari had copied their "tennis" game to create "PONG." Atari settled out of In a 2008 lawsuit, the NFL players association reached a $26 million settlement with retired players for the use of their images in Electronic Arts Madden football games. Infinity Ward is currently seeking damages "in excess of $36 million" from Activision, as well as the rights to the Modern Warfare Games. court paying $700,000 for a license to Tennis and Magnavox's creations over the next year. Design & Illustration by Ricky Linn UnlineSchools KOKUGAMER March_3/al_19 Sources: subsidizing-us-supercomputer-efforts.ars Video-Game-Worlds.jpg score-5-of-u-s-household-entertainment-budget/ 173261 506.asp consoles/11158-msrp-ps3-will-drop-100-starting-july-12th-all-retailers.html amazon-for-299/ http://data.bls.govicgi-bin/ billion-on-games-last-year/ awareness.calenglishresources/research_documents/studies/video_ga mes/video_game_culture.ctm

The Evolution of Video Games

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From the first simple video game of ping pong in 1972 to the dynamic world of graphics, animation and design in today's video games, this infographic illustrates how much video games have evolved in t...


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