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The Evolution of TV

The EVOLUTION OF TV BBC Player 4.0 itv Player Amaring telly geu cant miss 1928 OCTAGON General Electric made the Octagon in 1928 as part of their experimental TV program “New York". 1930 BAIRD The Baird Televisor was made by Plessy in England in 1930. 1936 EMYVISOR In 1936 TV with a screen was invented. The first was Emyvisor which showed pictures in black and white. 1938 MARCONI In 1938 Marconi 707 TV was released. This was in colour and had a 7 inch screen. 1939 RCA RCA introduced a TV to the people of America at the World fair in 1939. 1946 RCA The RCA 630TS TV became an immediate hit across the world when it was introduced in 1946. "(') 1948 MOTOROLA Motorola's Golden View was the most popular 7-inch television in the late 1940s. 1949 RAYTEON The Raytheon is an American TV from Chicago. The style of the TV was called porthole like the windows on a ship. 1953 00 SHARP Sharp started producing the first Japanese TV in mass production. It had a 14inch screen. 1958 PHILCO The Philco Predicta TV is unarguably one of the design icons of the 20th century. 1962 MEIDENSHA Meidensha TV were really contemporary in style and design. The wooden frame and high voltage tubes were consired as a great combination. 1969 MAN ON - THE MOON The First man landed on the moon. This was the most watched show on TV in 1969. 1973 PHILCO-FORD 1973 Philco-Ford model B450ETG. This was the last vacuum tube TV. EastEnders 1985 EASTENDERS Eastenders went to the TV screens in 1985. And now it is one of the most loved soaps. 1998 SONY The Sony TV was created in 1998. It was the first TV which had a built in VCR and DVD player. 1998 Google GOOGLE Google was born which allowed people to search the world wide web. 2007 SAMSUNG Samsung emerged as one of the largest flat panel TV manufacturers in the world. 2014 SAMSUNG Samsung started selling curved smart TV. Samsung also displayed the first bendable television. What TVs do you think are going to be like in the future? Hologram TV... Maybe? created by

The Evolution of TV

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The TV has drastically changed in the 20th century. The modern TV’s earliest ancestor was the Octagon, made by General Electric in 1928. It used a mechanical, rotating disk technology to display im...


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