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The Evolution Of Telecommunication

THE EVOLUTION OF TELECOMMUNICATION Many of us make telephone calls on a regular basis to a number of locations around the world, but at times we take this form of communication for granted. Due to the vast advancements made in technology, the telecoms industry has improved significantly. KEY DATES IN THE EUOLUTION OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS 1870 hello! 1876 THE RACE TO INVENT THE TELEPHONE THE BIRTH OF THE FIRST TELEPHONE TALKING WITH ELECTRICITY During 1870 two inventors, Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, were competing to become the first to create the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell patented his creation first and is now regarded as the inventor of this technology. "Mr Watson come here, I want to see you" were the first words spoken on a telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell on 10th March 1876 (1) 1877 1896 A CHANGE IN DESIGN The rotary dial was born during 1896 by an associate of American inventor Almon Brown Strowger. This design eventually replaced the existing tap button system of its day. THE BEGINNING OF TELEPHONE LINES During 1877, construction of the first regular phone line was completed. The line ran from Boston to Somerville 1915 in Massachusetts. By the end of 1880, there were nearly 48,000 telephones in the US. (2) CROSSING THE CONTINENT 1919 DIMENSIONS USA The first transcontinental telephone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell in New York who called Thomas A. Watson based in San Francisco.) 1926 AT&T Inc., the American multinational telecoms corporation, obtained the measurements of 4,000 people's heads to find out the ideal dimensions for a BREAKING DOWN BORDERS standard headset so the microphone would be near the caller's mouth when holding the handset to their ears.(4) llantie Oean 1946 NATIONAL NUMBERING PLAN The first transatlantic telephone call was made from London to New York during March 1926.(5) Area codes (numbers which need to be dialled in order to call a specific location) were introduced. 1946 was also the year when the first commercial mobile phone call was made. 1973 THE FIRST MOBILE PHONE 1979 The first official mobile phone was invented by Martin Cooper while work- ing for Motorola. He is considered as the 'father of the mobile phone' and was the first person in history to make a handheld mobile phone call in public. The Motorola DynaTAC's measure- ments were 9 x 5 x 1.75 inches (Height x Width x Depth). Compared to the modern iPhone 5 (4.87 x 2.3 x 0.30) it's clear to see the distinction from the FOOD AND TECHNOLOGY COMBINED CHAMBURGER PHONE!) Some of you may remember the Hamburger Phone, which was unveiled in 1979. There was nothing particularly special about this phone, except the fact that it looked like a burger! 34 years later, it's now found its place in many vintage shops around the country. older designs, (6) DYNATAC IPHONE 5 1983 1990s MOTOROLA DYNATAC 8000X During this year, the DynaTAC 8000x launched in the US and went on sale in March. The phone had half an hour talk time and eight hours of standby and went on sale for $3.995 (roughly £2,650) ORANGE AND ONE20NE ENTER THE MARKET During the 1990s, Orange and One20ne entered the mobile phone market in the UK, causing consumer mobile prices to fall and become more accessible to everyone. (8) 1991 2G MOBILE TECHNOLOGY IS LAUNCHED 2001 During 1991, 26 technology was launched in Finland by Radiolinja on the Global System for Mobile Com- munications standard. The move sparked competition in the market and also introduced data services (SMS text messaging). THE INTRODUCTION OF 3G The commercial launch of 36 was unveiled in Japan by mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo during October 2001. 2007 Telenor then opened the initial FIRST APPLE IPHONE commercial network for business in Europe during December. The advancements to 36 enabled mobile broadband access and faster data transmission speeds. 2012 4G SERUICE IN THE UK In November 2012, the UK's first 4G serviced was launched through EE's network in 11 cities. 46 is a lot faster than 36, resulting in greater consumption of Fast forward into the 00's and one Apple release their first generation iPhone in June 2007. Their continued success has led them to create and launch the fifth data and media while on the move. iPhone model in 2012. THE FUTURE OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS Today the possibility to communicate over boarders and reduce the space and time gap is remarkable. Calls to foreign locations can be made with ease as communication has become more direct and instant. The future of telecoms is certainly an interesting area and as technological advancements improve at an ever-increasing speed, who knows what the future will hold? Gamma Business Communications Gamma Business Communications are a leading supplier of UK business telephone services, data and mobile products. Established in 1995, Gamma supply a broad range of communications to over 8,000 small and medium business customers including fixed telephony, phone systems, data connections and mobile services. SOURCES 1. 2. 2htm 3. 4. Feldman, David (1989). When Do Fish Sleep?And Other Imponderables of Everyday Life. Harper & Row, Publishers. http://ww- S. Young. Peter (1990. Person to Person: the international impact of the telephone. Granta Editions. 6. 7. 8. http:/ 9.Image Sources: Gamma Business Communications and http:l/

The Evolution Of Telecommunication

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As technology develops further, so does the way in which we communicate with one and other. Telecommunication have come a long way since their humble beginnings, yet inventors are still compete to cre...




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